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life spell ideas for a life wizard

Apr 22, 2015
i have some ideas for the school of life and i have an instructor as well the instructor would be named flora.you start learning flower magic from her you will start at a level 7 (i have no idea when it will end ill just go with it). the first spell you will learn from her will be:

flower charm. flower charm damages your enemy for a short part of time and heals you for 3 rounds. (it would be a spell quest but ill talk about it in a different post). the second spell would be:

flower fairy which you get at level 8. it summons a minion that will help you: the spells that it will cast will be: life blade, life trap, basic life attack spells, and basic healing spells. the third spell you will get is called:

flowers on the wind you get at level 9. flowers on the wind is a basic attack spell that damages all enemies for three rounds the damage will very from 70-190 in damage. i hope you enjoyed these these ideas and i hope kl can accept this thank you for reading