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Leviathan Sorm Spell

Jun 18, 2013
OK... The Leviathan Storm Spell Is pretty cool and all up until the point it goes to strike..
Then out of no where it does a Tail Smack?

I would have thought that the Leviathan would have been a little more dramatic to be honest.
All that swimming around and staring down his enemy right before he attacks. I was expecting maybe A Storm Volt coming out of his Mouth and electrocuting his enemy or even the Leviathan going down and biting them in half or something...

But a Tail Smack

It would be nice to see this spells ending result a little more "Leviathan" if you know where I'm coming from..


Aug 15, 2012
Maybe the point of this is to show the leviathan is so powerful that it has to do only a tail smack to seriously injure the opponent? It does look a little annoyed when it comes out if you ask me.