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level __ spell ideas (fire,death,and storm)

Jan 11, 2009
pips: 9
acuraccy: 80% (there is a reason)
Damage: 700+300 each round
description: a frozen lake appears and Diablo (the devil) is trapped waist deep i the ice. a crack appears in the cave ceiling and melts the ice. Diablo the growls at the enemy stands up and summons a pillar of fire

Damage: 1100-1350
affect: puts a storm shield on any survivers
Description: a peaceful sea with a boat in the middle appears. a wave hits the sides of the shp and it stops moving. a groan erupts fro underneath and huge tenticles blast up and start taking people off. when two even LARGER tentecles break the ship in half splitnters hit the opponents and the ship is drug down making a tital was hit the rest of them

Death-Golden Price
acuraccy: 90%
Damage: 460 to teamate, 700 healh to caster
description a wraith pops up hold an arena contract in his hand that has a glden tent to it. he uses his sythe to get a small pinch of magic from a teamates finger doing damage to him or her. he turns to look at you and holds up the contract making a beam of light shine down on you healing


damage: 700-950 to all
Description: a small house apearrs (it looks nice). a mist creeps into the valley it's in and slowly engulfs the bottom of the house. a rumble and briar vines shoot up and starts to cover the house. when covered the vines sprout skulls and the breath a posion gass at the opponent

so that's my ideastell me what yah think ty guys!