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Level Scaled Holiday World ~ Candyland

Jun 27, 2015
We all know where Professor Greyrose grew up, a sweet place filled with treats filled with German lore, Candyland. But is that actually a world? What if this is an area of say a "world" that's also connected with Gobblerton where the gobblers on Colossus Boulevard also come from? Though considering the fact is in German, "Deutschland" means "Germany", perhaps "Candyland' may be a reference too that. Therefore, we will be referring it too as Candyland.

This is how the opening of the world should go in my opinion: "Brave & noble wizard, conqueror of defeating several enemies across the spiral, taking out the evil in the Spiral and making it cleansed & pure, I have a quest for you!" says Greyrose fluttering all around. "It's about my homeland, Candyland ..." where then her face becomes a bit sad as she recalls the memories of her evil sisters, Hansel & Gretel. "It's just that ... I recall some bad memories from my homeland though quite honestly, that could've been just my bad experience there. Quite honestly, I've been thinking about going back too homeland but since I've came too this safe sanctuary of the fine Academy of Ravenwood, I feel much more homely here than I ever did back in Candyland. Now young wizard, when you get there, you will meet Herr Arend Lorenz. He will tell you more about my world. Good luck & I wish for you too seek great rewards!". The quest opener for this world should also be called "The Candyland Man".

After this opening, you will arrive too the world. Now, there will be three different instances & you cannot go to the other higher level instance. Only the higher level wizards can help out the lower level wizards so too prevent boosting in leveling up. Anyways, there will be three scales quite like those boss drops where you can either fight the Master & Exalted version of them. I then combined it with the idea of side-worlds of Aquila & Wysteria then decided too make a world based off of those elements. Therefore, I then came up with Candyland.

Anyways, the three instances are Apprentince for for lvl 30+ wizards, Mastery which is for over lvl 50+ wizards & Exalted for over lvl 100+ wizards. Now, the quests will be all the same since this world would not just be three dungeons like Aquila although there would be different rewards like the dungeons in Aquila. Also, likewise as I mentioned in the title, it will be a holiday world only playable either during the Christmas in July event happening right now or during the month of December. Now the main three schools in my opinion could be "fire", "death", and "ice" with different mobs like the fire elves and more Marleybonian dogs, essentially the "Indo-Europeans". Anyways, this is my idea on this and whoever approves this post sees this, I'd recommend you'd share my post with the staff of KingsIsle.

Jun 17, 2011
This is a good idea, but there is not really a need for new gauntlets.

Maybe in the future when we are higher levels and need new gear but I don't think KI should be looking into this now.

Also, about a few years ago a "Candyland" was spoiled and everyone thought it was going to be the next world but it never came to live.

I think a "Candyland" is on KI's scratched ideas list.