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Level 98 spells for storm and death

Mar 07, 2009
So in wizard101, the level cap is raising very fast at 90 now, and will most likly be raised to 100 so i was bored and thought up 2 spells for each school. Enjoy

Storm- Wrath of the Sky- 900+ 700 each round(3), dispell next storm.- The sky gets dark and a lighting bolt hits the ground. A man in ancient greek battle armor puts his spear in the air channeling electricty then shocks all the enemys.
Hurricane- chance to heal allies by 600, or attack enemys by 700-800. a swirl in the ground starts and water bursts out of the center, going at either you or the enemys.
Death- Werewolf- 1000-1300- a full moon appears and a man turns into a werewolf and hits slashes on enemy (chance to put a overtime attack on them 300-400 damge).
Grim reaper-900-1000a grave yard appers and you see a clocked man apper he laughs and then pulls out hit sythe and strikes at the enemys (dosent hit) and a black energy hits all enemys(kinda like a sound wave)
then turns at you and aims his sythe and shots a black energy into you.