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Level 98 Spells

May 10, 2010
If Morganthe's world is next, that is.

They Will cost 12 Pips, because 11 is an Odd Number to end at.

Death: Shadow Serpent

Deals 900 Death Damage and 600 Death Damage over time
Deals 1500 Death Damage and restores half to you.
(50% chance of either)

Animation: A small hole is in grey ground, and it is surrounded by dark foliage. Dark yellow eyes appear from the hole, and a Giant black snake comes out, hissing.
(Boosts+Resists here)

Death DoT: The Black Snake hisses, and shoots a blob of highly toxic acid at the target, causing damage.

Health Steal: The Black Snake hisses, and bites the foe with it's sharp fangs. It turns to the user and covers him/her with the life force of the target it stole from.

Balance: Spiral Dragon

Deals 300 Damage of all schools

Animation: An Image of the Spiral is over the field, and all of the planets come together and create a large dragon, with seven heads.
(Boosts+Resists here)
The Dragon roars, and shoots all of the elements, then Balance, then all of the spirituals. Then, it explodes in a nova and returns to being the Spiral.

More to come when I think of more.

Apr 24, 2010
Dec 15, 2008
Jul 25, 2011
That is good ideas, but you should switch the serpent to something else because they already have sun serpent.

Dec 31, 2011
These ideas are awesome! I hope you come out with some more kool spells! I would love to hear them.

Mar 26, 2011
well it would have to be eleven pips because the spells go up one each time
and we did do morganthes world it is called avolon she was born there
i apologize ahead if you meant morganthe's Kingdom thing

Mar 26, 2011
death serphent would have to be a gear card like storm dragon
and I don't like it too much because all the school repeats like ice and fire zilla
and storm dragon and thunder elf is getting irritating and makes no sense

the balance is great but i think the three headed and multiple creature thing is done
so it should be every class symbol except balance on the ground and then they should swirl into a multiple armed man ra thing that opens all of its palm and has a bunch of fires each burning a school color and just blast you seperately