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Level 78 spell ideas

Dec 12, 2010
for myth i think colossus and its x pips and does 300 or 200 damage per pip

Jun 05, 2009
eragonarher wrote:
Life: Life's Guardians Pips: 10 Damage: removes all traps in the beginning, does 350 first damage to one opponent, and then 650 secondary damage to all enemies, then adds a 20% life trap to all enemies

Death: The Gate of Death pips: 10 Damage: takes out half of shields, does 1250 damage, gives half divided evenly to all members of the casters team, then adds death dispel

Myth: Typhon's Wrath pips: 10 Damage:eliminates all shields that can weaken spell, does 500 damage, unleashes 450 damage wrath, does 350 damage, and stuns for 4 rounds

Balance: The Fates pips: 10 Damage: 300 damage, 500 damage, 600 damage, and 50% weakness

Fire: Wrath of Hepheastus pips: 10 Damage: 550+670 over 3 rounds, stuns for three rounds on initial hit, and adds 15% fire trap

Ice: Boreas' Blizzard pips: 10 Damage: 900 damage, ice dispel, and 75% ice blade to caster

Storm: The Storm of Zeus pips: 10 Damage: 500+700 damage over 3 rounds to all enemies, and stun all for 2 rounds

Hope you enjoyed them! They may be better to levels 88 and 98, though. If anyone would take the time to add animations to some of these, i will surely thank them. Hope KI makes these! :D

Michael SoulBright
Lv. 42 theurgist

I love the ideas! I think they would be best for level 78.

Jul 28, 2010
Zoro987 wrote:
I was thinking about this for fire


1500-1800 damage 1000 over each round for 3 rounds
and don't think this is bad because lvl 80 gear will give great block,resist, and health so this would be a good spell in me opinion for fire

~~~~Alex Soulhaven Legendary Pyromancer PvP Captain~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
its um.....................................TOO over powered, lower it and it would be good because storm would have to be 2050-2300 or something :? other then that i like it :-) :)

Apr 27, 2011
Daviato wrote:
Here some I thought will be cool...

Storm: Raijū
Pips: 10
Damage: 400 + 800 damage over 3 rounds to all enemies, and adds one smoke screen to all enemies.

Balance: Anubis
Pips: 10
Damage: 1010 damage to single enemy and 50% weakness.

Death: Hades,
Pips: 10, Damage: 990 damage to all enemies, and adds one Infection to everyone.

Fire: Elder Dragon
Pips: 10
Damage: 1050 to single enemy , stuns for 1 round, and adds 1 smoke screen.

I would really like to see Raijū as one of Storm's spell.

Jun 29, 2009
eragonarher wrote:
I came up with a death spell.

Pips: X Damage: Does 50 damage per pip to caster, then doubles the damage and attacks all enemies.
There is a spell called sacrifice already, death spell and a healing. Takes 200 health from yourself, adds 700 to whoever you cast it on

Jul 16, 2010
I dont care what the Myth rank 10 spell is as long as it is an AoE! :x

us myth players have waited far too long and it is unacceptable.

Jan 24, 2009
cbwiz wrote:
with that theme death would be the river styx or hades. hey, this gave me an idea for a world with these spells...

sorry i already thought of hades but you thought of a great idea good work

Jan 24, 2009
eragonarher wrote:
I came up with a death spell.

Pips: X Damage: Does 50 damage per pip to caster, then doubles the damage and attacks all enemies.

there already is a sacrifice it deals 500 to caster to heal 700 to target
and if you heal your sealf with it and your life goes to 0 it still heals