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level 70 gear

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
there should be level 70 gear and each one would have the level 68 spell
for that school

this gear would be a improved version of level 60 gear

also a school amulet for a specific school should be added
and that one would also have the level 68 spell to

post ideas for non op gear for level 70

May 28, 2009
ive got it w101 mirror lake should drop our lvl 70 items ok, death should have a hat tht does same damage defense nd other stuff but has a wraith card and higher health like 320, the robe should have higher health like 420 nd keep everything else the same but have a von's monster card, the shoes should have 200 health nd everything same but with a scarecrow card. i don't have any other ideas for any other schools cause im mostly on my death. wizard101 plz take my ideas. and if anyone has any other good ideas for other schools plz share. plz find me in the game as Tyler Skullblood im in dragonspyre clothes nd my shoes r the lvl sixty shoes i wear red nd black im lvl 70

Feb 15, 2009
Okay, here are my chosen stats for the ice gear-

Hat- This should now give 407 health, +2% accuracy, +16% resist on all schools, +70 ice critical, +16% damage to ice spells, +11% incoming spells, and an increased tower shield spell that gives 95% resist to a single member.

Robe- This should now give 670 health, +5% accuracy, +25 block rating on every school, +14% resist on every school, +42 ice critical, +16% damage to ice spells, +11% incoming healing, and a Wooly Mammoth spell that costs less pips.

Boots- These should now give 243 health, +4% accuracy, +34 block rating on every school, +16% resist on every school, +10% damage to ice spells, +11% incoming healing, and a team tower shield spell, that gives actual towers shields to each team member. (50% resist each member)

Amulet- A special, very rare, transcended (lvl. 70) amulet should be given for the ice school. It should give 200 health, 5% defense on all schools, +15 block on all schools, and a Snow Angel spell with a heightened accuracy.

and I'm going to add a wand as well:

Wand- This should give 6 cards that deal 125 damage, 2 power pips at the start of a battle, +45 block rating on all schools, and +40 critical rating for all schools.

Nov 07, 2008
Aug 20, 2009
I saw the gear and it isn't any better than the lvl 58 gear, I just use super bundle stuff, Kyle lvl 69 balance, look me up. :D