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level 68 spell ideas!

Oct 05, 2010
*Signs paper* Take out some of the special effects and just leave at most two things and I'm fine.

Apr 09, 2011
May 25, 2009
*signs paper*

Do you agree with these spells? Yes* or No-x Yes!
Do you WANT these spells? Yes* or No-x
Signature:Taylor Daisystone

You cannot change this decison when you send it in.

*sends paper in* :'] YAY!

Jun 30, 2009
blingboy56 wrote:
hey this is my first ever post, so try to bear with me. i just got some pretty good ideas for level 68 spells, so i thought i would share them with all of you great players :D well here they are:

Myth: Essence of Myth
9 pips: 250 damage, 750 damage to all enemies.
special effects: first hit can break 2 shields, second hit stuns as well as applies a +40% time of legend, summons a rank 8 minion to your team
desc.: A ridiculously large book appears resting upon a table surrounded by candles. the cover flips up and it flips to a random page. strange runes float off the page and begin to glow ominously. the candles extinguish, and an odd spirit floats off the page and is ringed by the runes. the spirit begins to chant unintelligible words and the runes surrounding it fly off and hit the target, dealing 250 damage. then the spirit becomes angry and viciously claws the target, dealing 750 damage. after attacking, the spirit floats to your side and becomes a rank 8 minion

Life: Essence of Life
9 pips: first heals all team mates by 1000, then deals 1000 damage to all enemies.
special effects: heal applies a 500 absorb, damage applies a special global effect that boosts all life attacks and heals by +50%
desc.: a river is flowing in the middle of a glade in the forest. the river starts to glow gently, and water slowly rises out and touches teammates, which heals 1000 and applies a 500 absorb. the water returns to the river, which then glows sinisterly. the water starts churning and boiling, and surges out and attacks all enemies for 1000 damage and applies a special global effect that boosts life attacks and heals by +50%

Death: Essence of Death
9 pips: attacks all enemies for 1000, convert half to health to caster.
special effects: applies a +80% feint to all enemies( a single +35% to self), applies special global effect that boosts death attack and lowers all heals by +50%
desc.: an ancient graveyard forms out of sinister mist. there are many graves in it, but there is one much larger than all the rest. the ground in this particular grave starts to rumble, and a decaying coffin rises out of it. a half-decayed corpse rises out of it, holding a leather-bound book in his hand. he opens the book and starts chanting, and then corpses rise out of the other graves. about 5 corpses (they look like wraiths with some flesh, or dementors from harry potter) rise out, and then he stops chanting. the 5 corpses start slowly walking toward the target, and suck out his/her soul for 1000 damage. they glide back to the caster of the spell, and return the souls to him/her, healing the caster for half of the damage.

Fire: Flame Incarnate
9 pips: does 500+ 900 over 3 rounds to all enemies
special effects: applies an accuracy ward to target, lowering accuracy to next spell by 60%, applies stun, applies global effect + 50% to fire attacks.
desc.: the symbol of Fire magic appears on the ground. It starts glowing, continually growing brighter and brighter. once it reaches pure white light, fire starts rising out of the symbol, and condenses into a single large ball( looks similar to power nova, but more dark red in color). the ball starts pulsing, almost as if it were alive, until eventually it expands with the force of an explosion, dealing 500 damage to all enemies and applying the burn effect, as well as accuracy ward, stun, and global effect.

Ice: Frost Incarnate
9 pips: does 400+ 900 over 3 rounds to all enemies
special effects: stuns, taunts, applies a 1000 absorb to all teammates, applies a global effect that makes stuns last 1 turn longer as well as boosts ice attacks by 50%
desc.: the symbol of Ice magic appears on the ground. it starts glowing with blue light, continually growing brighter and brighter. once it reaches a certain point, a giant icicle grows out of the symbol. it starts glowing from within, and cracks appear on the side of it. the icicle shatters with the force of an explosion, dealing 400 damage to all, applying the freeze effect, stuns, taunts, and applies a 1000 absorb to all teammates, and applies the global effect

Storm: Storm Incarnate
9 pips: deals 1400 to all
special effects: shatters 2 blades and shields, stuns for 2 rounds, applies global effect that boosts all storm attacks by +50%
desc.: the symbol of storm magic appears on the ground. it starts glowing purple, growing brighter and brighter. once it reaches a certain point, a giant vortex of water rises out of it, spinning around like a whirlpool. Lightning comes down from the sky and strikes the center of the whirlpool. the whirlpool violently expands and engulfs all of the enemies, dealing a savage 1400 damage to all, as well as shattering 2 blades and shields ( regardless of school, can shatter absorbs too), stuns all for 2 rounds, and applies a global effect that boosts all storm attacks by +50%.

Balance: Scales of Libra
9 pips: attacks all, does 1250 to enemy with most health, does 1000 to all else. if there are 2 or more enemies who have the most health, it deals 1250 to each, or can heal all allies for 1000
Special effects: applies weakness -90% attack, applies balance blade +50% to all allies, applies global effect that boosts all attacks by +50%
desc.: a massive set of golden scales rises out of the ground. on one side of the scale is a heart, on the other a skull. the scales teeter for a moment; if it lands on heart, all allies get healed for 1000; if it lands on skull, the opponent with most health receives 1250 damage and all others receive 1000. either way, weakness is applied to enemies, balance blade is applied to allies, global effect boosting all attacks is applied.

Hope you like this list! I realize that some of you may dislike the balance attack because it isn't necessarily an attack all the time, but balance is about incorporating bits and pieces out of other schools, and i think balance needs more healing.Also, i have heard complaints from Conjurers that minions are totally useless in Celestia, and minions are Myth's focus, so i thought they could use a better one :-) . Anyways, enjoy!
Your fellow gamer,

I agree most totally but i also agree with many of the others. Some of the spells are WAY to overkill.

Christo Blueflame
Lvl 60, Legendary Pyromancer

Mar 12, 2009
slammer111 wrote:
ok these are a little overkill. first of all, i dont think spells should have that many side effects, especailly death D&G, they hate that spell already and now it would be ruining the rank 9 spells (not speaking for all the deaths here.) but those spells may very welll be better suited if the were like rank 10 or 11

I agree completely. They are a little overkill, think of the PVP aspect. People would be killed in a very short time. The life ring that comes with the Life spell is almost what Sanctuary does minus the attack boost. I like how the spells would look. Great job on the designs.

May 13, 2011
i like the ideas but change the visual effect of balance because it didnt look so cool to me. i think hydra is insulting to balance because its just a 10 second attack. being a sorcerer myself, i would use this

the battlefield turns to sand. the sand begins to shift and the sand itself begins to attack. it first begins to burn and attacks targered enemy for fire damage. the sand then freezes and attacks enemy for ice damage. then lighting strikes it and attacks enemy for storm damagem then the sand turns to normal and lunges the enemy for highest damage then turns to a wave and attacks the other ones which weakens everybody with hex and weakness and after that, a giant hand of sand (it rhymes) comes out of the sand itself and heals the allies for 750 hp while using stormblade on all of them and balanceblade on yourself

i think thats better so balance wont be insulted. balance is NOT a school of chance

Oct 21, 2009
I have a fire idea. Spell name anadragon. Apperance first you see a leviathon's body on fire and body parts scattered. Then the wings and dragon legs connect. Then breathes fire at all opponets. Damage 1010 plus 500 damage . Hope you guys like it.

Mar 19, 2011
Sry to burst your idea but they already started to make new spells :) :?