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level 118 pets

Feb 17, 2011
storm owl
card given:
Storm owl(2000-2025) multi hit damge over time for 3 rounds

fire dragon
card given:
fire dragon(1500-1600) 50% damage over time for 5 rounds

lil'frost giant
card given:
frost giant(1200-1300) stun for 2 rounds damage over time for 3 rounds

cards given:
ra(1250-1325) minus 70% to all enemies and 80% spirit and elemental shields for user

lil'mythic colossus
card given:
mythic colossus(1800-1900) user shatters all enemies shields

card given:
spinysaur(1200-1325) gives user 1000 health back gives all friends absorb 990 damage

lil'katzentstein's monster
cards given:
katzenstein's monster(1300-1425) damage over time for 5 rounds minus 50% damage for enemies

all school pets given these cards:
baby: 40% blade
adult: school card, and 30% school fuel( EX:storm owl would get storm fuel card)
ancient: school global spell
also i think these pets should be big in size

Other ideas:
-removal of quests you dont want
-publicize the health of an enemy so people wont join if your almost finished fighting
-mega snack pack should give a minimum or 25 snacks
-also better snacks available in the bazaar at least rank 8 to 9
-there should be a vendor with every available reagent with a various price range the more rare the more expensive(EX: mote of transport 100,000 gold)
-make rasputin fight a little less intense for un-experienced wizards
-avalonian dragon hoard pack
-chance at 7 school dragons( the catalan, jabberwock etc)
- avalonian school dragon mount
-new level 100-110 gear with high stats including shadow stats
-housing items
-school fuel and windstorm type card available t craft for all school(EX: cast an ice trap on all enemies/3 ice traps on one enemy)
-hatchery timers should only last 10 minutes like on pirate 101
- may-casts that should be available:


Jun 11, 2009
These ideas sound great on paper but a little too... idealistic. Those spells are too overpowering even for a card that's only gonna be in your deck once a battle. The pets themselves should be implemented though, they sound epic. And the requests about the reagents and snack packs are wishful thinking, there has to be some sort of challenge to the game. I respect the thought of having to actually EARN the elements required for hatching and crafting. Where did the time go where you had to play to be a great gamer instead of buying skill? Your ideas are great though and I respect them.

-Jordan ThunderGlade

Aug 04, 2011
I really like the idea. But the thing is some of what would ruin the entire game of skill and farming. I do understand the regent thing. But that's what keeps people playing giving them motivation to farm a mob to get a regeant. I do love the pet idea but spinysaur might be a bit OP. Coming from a life as well.

-Marklifestone lvl110
-Markstormstone lvl 79

Apr 29, 2012
Removal of quests is a good idea I'm down with that.

Level 110

Mar 12, 2013
Level 108 did not give us a new pet. I can see people wanting a new school pet, but there is no place to go but solidly into power creep.

Perhaps it is time to start looking at a different paradigm for a utility companion.

  • Newer spells have more powerful ancillary effects making it hard to justify letting any school have access via a pet card.
  • The goal of pets is to help the owner in battle, not replace a good teammate. This is why there are limits on the size of maycast heals and buffs/debuffs. MC rebirth, mc juju, etc. are right out.
  • School pets should give value to the unique aspects of each school, not try to compete with other schools or one-up them, e.g. this is why storm pets do not have a storm fuel item card, because with the exception of Storm Hound and Storm Elf/Shock Colossus, Storm does not have a DOT attack. Life, death, myth, and fire all have useful DOTs hence the usefulness and appropriateness of these Fuels.
  • Hybrids of school pets should do what Frostfang does, and give an attack card usable by the school used to make the hybrid. E.g. fabled serpent will give the myth version of the sun serpent attack, eternal leviathan will give life a green mini-levy, etc

As to the other points:
Quest removal - yes please.It will go back to being an exclamation point above someone's head
Mega snack pack - these are already a loss if you buy seeds you will come out ahead.
Hatch timers - Shorter, but 10 minutes is kind of ridiculous and makes Purreau's potion obsolete.
Fuels and windstorm: See above for comments about fuels in general. Windstorm is a different story, and one that touches on recent boss cheat design. Storm is the most desired hitter school for many recent dungeons because of the no feint no blade cheats, even where storm resist is a factor. If each school had access to a "wind", more schools could take a strong role in dungeons; or, these cheats should be used far less frequently.

Mar 09, 2014
Good day!
I'm glad you came up with this idea, but, I mean, they seem a tad overpowered. I mean, yes, they should be a bit more powerful than the others, but I mean come on, Satyr on a pet? Please. I would love to hatch with that pet. I mean, I think KI kind of had to motivate themselves to add, "May Cast Smokescreen." But good idea, pal!

Your friendly neighbor hood necromancer,
Dakota ShadowForge


If Life is like a journey, then Death is like the destination


Feb 06, 2010
They all sound interesting, but I agree with some of the people above making the game easier would just kill the fun from the game faster. True KI has kicked the at level difficulty to CS Henchmen or Friends Required for most schools, but that's because having friends is nice and there greedy.

Dec 26, 2013
-As far as the pets go... the spell cards are too powerful in my opinion.
-Snack packs - don't use them, don't care.
-Quest removal - I have a hard time understanding how a few clicks can be so frustrating to some people. Do the quest and it will go away. No reason to revamp the system because you have to click past a page.
-Hatch timer - I've never felt the need to hatch again immediately after I've just hatched. But if I ever do... that's what the potion is for.
-Reagent Vendors - I totally disagree with this. Some reagents should be hard to find and acquire.
-High Level Snacks in the Bazaar - the Bazaar doesn't re-stock itself. The items for sale in the Bazaar are all items that have been sold by other players. If no one sells what you're looking for you won't find it in the Bazaar and I think you'll find that most players aren't going to sell high level snacks. In fact, some of the highest level snacks are no auction.