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Let's thank KI for all the hard work!

Jun 19, 2009
Well the third month of 2011 is here and KI has worked hard to make their game bigger and better for us! But I notice.....They hardly get a THANK YOU! Everybody generous and happy with KI say Thank you to them for their hard work into this game! A lot of you are mad at them but you have no idea what pressure you can put on them! Just accept and respect their changes and be THANKFUL for what happens. You can always put suggestions too but don't be rude!

Thank you KI for giving us a perfect game to play with our friends, a fun game, for listening to us and changing what we want you to change (most of the time lol some they can't change), and for making this a kid friendly game.

I mean, guy half this game is run by us! We give them suggestions and it could end up in the game! They are the first game to actually LISTEN to us!


~James Skull Wielder
legendary Necromancer

Jul 31, 2008
Thank you for hearing us out! Especially when we seem to whine a lot :?

Thank you for all you hard work!