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Let's quest together! What's a wizard to do?

Mar 03, 2012
Let's quest together, and feel alright!
Adapted from Bob Marley's lyrics from "One Love".

So I'm cruising on my Treant mount, following that big yellow arrow, life's good. But hey, I want to experience this new quest with other wizards! Maybe make some new friends! Nothing like fighting a common foe to build friendships .
Oh, and right now, my friends are currently offline or busy .

What to do

Let's find logged-in wizards who have that same quest!
  1. I press Q. There are my quests, each quest in its own tile, complete with title, dialog button on the upper left, and quest instructions.

  2. How about this: Add a button to the upper right of a quest tile. That would bring up a list of (up to say 5?) wizards who are logged in now with that very same quest! Maybe give the button and icon resembling the availing hands spell, with hover text "Who has this quest"?

  3. To respect privacy, I or another Wizard should only be included in these lists if we choose to opt in.
    No problem! To make the choice globally, I could press Esc key and use one of the currently empty selectors in "Advanced Gameplay Options" to share my quests with (<) everyone (>) (<) my friends (>) (<) no one (>). Default = (<) no one (>).

  4. Ideally, I would like to be able to make that selection for each quest I have (default = same as global option), by clicking the "Who has this quest" button and selecting share this quest with (<) everyone (>) (<) my friends (>) (<) no one (>).
  • If providing such a system of lists would be too intensive a load on the servers, perhaps the scope of the search could be narrowed to wizards in same realm? Same world in the spiral?

  • The suggestions above are intended to naturally limit the server workload by only doing the wizard searchif someone actually clicks the button on a quest to see a list of wizards, and only listing wizards who actually want to participate.
Fellow wizards, have you found good ways to find each other, especially in an impromptu setting, to meet new faces, share a common goal (quest), etc? Please reply to this thread with your ideas and comments about my proposal to KI above!

To start with, I am aware of Mercinaries101, but that seems quite focused on helping with hard bosses, areas with sigils etc. I think sometimes one of the most handy places to to work together is in the time-consuming, mundane "collecting" of items needed by the quest giver (goodies, tools, parts, materials etc). Defeating these guys two at a time can be downright tedious .

I think my proposal above would be a great convenience and friendship builder. For example, it would be easier to crank through a story line like the Zafaria_Quest_Tree, as various wizards come and go for whatever reason.

IGN: Diana Raveneyes

Mar 03, 2012
I slept on the idea and want to share some more thoughts to hopefully simplify this!
I think there is no need for a global setting (skip item 3 from my previous post).

Instead, simply use the new button I propose on the quest tile to select whether you want to advertise your interest in finding other wizards to do the quest with (default = no).

In a given quest, until you select yes for "who has this quest", no names will be listed. After selecting yes, the list will show other logged-in wizards who also selected yes for the same quest (if any). Perhaps the choice could be "sticky", i.e. remembered after you log off.

After clicking yes, assuming one or more other wizards currently online also selected yes, you would see their name(s). To get together, click a desired name to automatically send the relevant "My Quests" menu chat message to that wizard.

A (trivial) example: let's say you just accepted the "Gotta See Gretta" quest.
  1. You click the "who has this quest" button, answer yes to look for other wizards.
  2. You see Luke Skywalker on the list (he already clicked the button), and click his name.
  3. The game automatically would send the following private chat to Luke Skywalker.
    My Quests > All > Let's > Talk to Gretta Darkkettle
Luke then has the option of replying or ignoring the offer as he chooses.
Wizards with Menu Chat: If Luke replies , then you ask him to be your friend so you can teleport to him.

Is there another way for Menu Chat Wizards to get onto the same realm and arrange to go to the quest location to meet up, without requiring adding to buddy list and teleporting? I discovered no way to mention realms in the menu chat system.

Anyone have comments on my idea?

Mar 31, 2012
I think that is a great idea!
It would definitely build friendships, like you said, but also i would like to add a couple things.
Going off of your example, I think having the Realm the wizard is in next to the name of the wizard might be helpful, just saying.
Everything else looks amazing, but i'm sure it will become even more amazing over time.

Your's truly,
Amber Mythgem 55

Aug 26, 2012
Excellent idea! It would make the game much easier, when you want to do stuff faster with a friend.

Mar 03, 2012
Another idea:

How about a "quest partner finder" in the form of an arena-style kiosk (in the library of each world, perhaps)?
Like arena matches, you enroll, but in this case you are looking for partners matching any of your quests.
While waiting, an icon (perhaps a small quest arrow?) would appear like the "crossed swords" arena icon does today.

If the game finds a match, it would notify you and the other wizard(s), giving you the option to participate.

If you decide to participate (before a timeout defaults to "decline"), you join a group. If another wizard accepts, you and the other wizard are placed in the same group and may chat to find out if anyone is available to proceed, make friends etc.

The "quest partner finder" enrollment would only be enabled if you are not already in a group.

If you become a member of a group with one or more other wizards, then you exit the "quest partner finder". This includes the group of two or more wizards started by the "quest partner finder".

To enroll in the quest finder again, leave your current group and visit a kiosk again.

Diana Raveneyes