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Legacy Servers (Old School)

Jun 28, 2009
Google Docs

Before I start my long message, I just wanted to state my history with this game. I have played since June of 2009, and it has truly shaped who I am today, inspiring my passion for technology. I hope that whoever is reading this can see what I am talking about and hopefully join in with support. **TL;DR at end**

Throughout the years I have seen this game evolve into the vast and growing MMORPG it is today; however, a large part of me misses the old days. What I propose is a legacy server. What I envision is a server with only the first arc. Everything in this post is how I believe things should be incorporated; however, Kingsisle can do things however they please:

Looking back at the updates, I think it should cut off after the addition of the school-specific housing. Maybe it could include the next major update with pet talents; however, nothing with the second arc should be added. That puts the level cap at 50, Dragonspyre as the last world, and brings back the nostalgia that this game gives.

Updates should be rolled out as needed, similar to how it is now. The only things that will be implemented in the updates would be things that the community creates, imported items (e.g. magic mirror or gardening), and bug/glitch/security patches. No updates to textures, and no new worlds.

Servers aren't free, and we need to understand that. In the time typing this, I have come up with four different ways that memberships could work with this:
Included: If you have a membership in the live servers*, you have a membership to the legacy servers.
Stand-Alone: You can buy a membership to only legacy servers, and it is a separate entity from live servers.
Bundled: This only works if the Stand-Alone option is chosen. Instead of paying 10 dollars for live servers, and whatever the cost of Legacy servers membership is, you could get both at a discounted rate (Maybe $14 a month). Discounted even more for a family membership (maybe $10 per month, per account on family).
Add-On: This would be where you have to have a membership in live realm and add-on legacy realms in order to use legacy for a low price. This could be either one time or an addition to the monthly price.

*Live, as used throughout this entire post is the current and main version of wizard101 out now, and all that is to come in it.

**Character Limit Coming up, continues in the comments**

Jun 28, 2009
Crowns are one of those things that Kingsisle would have to make their own system for. It would be nice if every crown purchase ever made on live servers magically appeared in legacy servers, however, there would be hardly any profit from that as new players on legacy servers could start with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of crowns. However, having crowns purchases exclusively for legacy servers would discourage players from buying them because crowns will only appear on one server or another. Three potential things are as follows:
Crowns Purchases apply to both servers: If you purchase crowns, after the release of legacy servers, then the crowns appear on both servers.
Partial Credit for previous purchases: If you have ever purchased crowns before, you will get a percentage of that purchase added to legacy servers at release (eg. each 60k crown purchase gives 5k on legacy)
Universal Crowns: Crowns are part of a users account, so when they are used on either live or legacy servers, they will be deducted from the user's account.

Characters will not be transferred from live servers to legacy because it takes away the joy of leveling up new characters, and it would be too complicated to take a max level wizard and set them to level 50 due to changes in gear and quest progress. However, account logins will be the same.

New Content
For new content, the community would be a very useful tool. Maybe a section could be made on wizard101central or on the wizard101 message board where people can post their ideas for new content. It would be very cool to see ideas created by the users become a part of the game.

Jun 28, 2009
Graphics should be the same as they were back in the game's release. I don't think putting on the recent wizard city graphics update would be a good idea because the idea of this server is to be nostalgic. Leaving the graphics as they were would be best. The voice acting is kind of a toss-up. People have mixed opinions about them, and it doesn't matter to me.

What can be reused from Live Servers
When it comes to things being reused, it would be great. The magic mirror was an amazing addition to the game, and it is something I would love to see be incorporated into Legacy servers. There are other things that would be good additions like skeleton key bosses in the first arc areas.

I’ll be honest, I never got into PvP back in the day, so I won't comment on this. People in the comments please share around ideas. I’ll try to come back and edit this if I can after seeing peoples ideas.

Jun 28, 2009
Who will work on it
The Legacy servers in its entirety will be something published, created, and updated by Kingsisle or a third party that they either allow to create the server, maintain the server, or update the server. However, what the community would like to see is that the community has a big say in what happens. Big games that have a large and diversified community need to take advantage of the community and allow them to create content for them. It works out for the developers as they have less work to do, and for the community as we feel as if we have more of a say in the creation of the game. Wizard101 does a really good job at using feedback given from the community, however, we would like to see an entire server that is run for and by the community, endorsed by Kingsisle. Personally, as a programming hobbyist, I would love to help out in the maintenance and creation of the server.

As Kingsisle owns Wizard101, and they will be the creators of this server, as long as there are no expired licenses to content in the game, there should be legal issues with the creation of this; however, I am not an expert, so please correct me on this if I am wrong.

I strongly recommend reading part, if not all of this; however, it is very long so I understand. We need a server that only included the first arc. The community would create updates on the forums and people could vote on their favorites.

Jun 27, 2015
I really do enjoy the idea of playing a nostalgic Wizard101 where the last world is Dragonspyre. I would enjoying leveling up too Dragonspyre, knowing that while the goal isn't so far away, it's good enough that you can have some nice quality fun. I do believe however once we max our characters out from the Legacy server, we should have a choice whether or not we'd want too continue in Celestia. If we choose so, that wizard would be imported into the Live server, if there was any room. I believe this would definitely make the game allot more fun for the people just starting out in Wizard101, and I think they'd enjoy how the game used too be. And new updates, like seasonal packs, the 12 Days of the Spiral, or beneficial updates that'd would make it interesting, would be nice. It could be new mounts, or gear not above lvl 50, and possibly even new spell quests, and pets.

These are just my ideas anyhow. If anyone else wants too comment, and add onto it, feel free to do so. Hope they can do this, and I do like the idea of it being community driven as well.