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Last Online Feature,

May 15, 2009
Okay so basically I would like a feature to be added to a friends like that tells me when said person last logged in.

One thing I find frustrating beyond measure if the fact that I have several friends with the same first name. and of them maybe 1 or two log in regularly and the others I never see. problem is I'm not so good at remembering last names and I would like to be able to remove someone from my list that I know for a fact has not been on for weeks or months without accidentally removing a friend who is actually active more than on e every couple months.

here is essentially how I would like to see it.

okay so you know when you click on someone on your list you get this list.

(avatar bubble)
add to group


well just under the avatar bubble I would like a small window added that shows me when that person last logged in.

so it would be:

(avatar bubble)
__ Mo __ Da since last logged into this character.

I am sure I cannot be the only one who would truly appreciate having this feature added.

Jul 16, 2009
This is a good idea.
I'd also like to see a pop-up or a number or a side note that numbers how many times one has run thru a dungeon or completed a quest with, with a pal.
Jenny, my best friend- (42 dungeons, 3 hatches, 427 chats...).
I think that'd be helpful.
It'd be a good way to identify our friends.
We remember our friends we've done 20 dungeons with.
It's not so easy to remember our friends we've never traveled around with and completed story line content with, but, just chatted with, or hatched with, or pvp'd with, or, never did anything with, but, just became friends with.
A' Last online' feature is good- really good.
I'd like to see the big bits, tho'.
It'd make a lot of stuff easier.

Jul 21, 2015
Nice, Say I Logged On


Alex Titancoin Logged On Last 10/20/15