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Kraken exalted duel

Jan 15, 2014
Even though I am a storm wizard, Kraken was always my favorite boss to defeat. I love the scenery where he is and he looks super cool. It was always so much fun to defeat him with my friends. The issue is, now that I am level 100, it's not so much fun to fight him anymore. I think there should be a one shot dungeon of Kraken, with him in the exact same place where he is in triton avenue. Then wizards higher leveled can still have fun defeating a stronger Kraken!

Thanks everybody for reading and have a good day. Blake DarkBreaker

Jun 18, 2009
I had a similar idea, only it was Lord NIghtshade, and the Kraken was one of the possible minions, along with the Harvest Lord and Sergeant Skullsplitter.