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Knight/Medieval 101!

Nov 16, 2012
So in the topic about other 101 games I saw Knight/Medieval 101 so I deiced to make a topic just for it. In this topic I'm just going to throw out some ideas for it but you other 101 fans need to help me out a little bit by throwing out your own ideas, like the realms( their the worlds in the spiral except for this 101) that exist in this game, the enemies what you will learn as you level up the schools and such. All of it requires your help.
Now then, I'm going to throw out my ideas, and please don't dis anyones ideas here we all are just thinking of what we would like to see.
My ideas are only going to contain the schools for length's sack so the rest is up to you.
1. The knight, this school has decent health and attack much like myth and fire. They're weapon is a sword. They're first attack is called Slash in which they leap forward with a mighty swing and deal 80-110 damage.

2. Mage who have poor health and normal attacks but spells do anywhere from poor to great damage. This school is practically a wizard but isn't focused on one thing in their spells. They're choice of weapon is a wand. The first spell they will learn is fireball which of course launches a small ball of fire at the enemy dealing from 60-120.

3. Paladin who amazing health but poor attack. They are like a combination of life and ice in Wizard but with weaker healing. They have spears. First Spell; Helpful thrust 75-95.

4. Theif; much like death these fiends have good life and attack. Weapon; Dagger. Spell; Hurtful swipe. 55-85 damage and has a 15% chance of stealing item/money/or life.

5.Gladiator; The strom of Knights 101, how much must I say. Weapon; Broadsword. First Attack; Heavy Blow: throughs whole body into a heavy slash dealing 150 damage.

6. Ranger; Good life and moderate attack this school keeps it's distance from enemies with their weapon of bow. First attack; On the Mark. Fires a single arrow that deals 70-90 damage.

Those are my ideas for the schools, maybe later I'll throw out some ideas for the first world but for now the fate of this world is in the hands of you guys.