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KI Read this!

Feb 21, 2015
Hello KI, recently I have finished marleybone and have had many problems. 1st of all, the light in dr katzensteins pair is super bright and can cause seizures. 2nd of all, people keep spilling over the milk in Big Ben on purpose. They try to make us have to battle the boss. Can you make it so that it can't be spilled without people's permission. My last thing is going to be taken by surprised, and sadly passed off.

A new world: Unovia is home to the astral magic, besides celestial introducing it. Unovia is the only astral magic fully based world. Wizards from all over come to Unovia to learn new and unique spells such as Blazing Whirlwind, Sariahs Wrath and Forbidden Solace. These are upon the fewest wizard101 spells that are full Astral spells. Your current school affects the spell you get. Some of the magic professors is the non famous Ronan Stardrdamer, the new Astral professor. His reason for being non famous is the lack of Astral magic used in the spiral. There is a few in the spiral that know about Ronan. He plans to get to Ravensood. He soon then plans to rebuild in the death schools location, a new Astral school. Unovia is home to storm cats, Astral cats, sun cats, weathered draconians and Malistare. Yes malistare once lived in a Unovia. Before Sylvia Spitfire, and before Drake got an Afro. It has been reported that in Unovia a new Spiral key is held. There we don't know where it will lead to....

A new school:
I have written many short stories about a new school. It's about a moon school. It kind of defeats the Astral purpose but if you get rid of the Astral school, there can be a new Lunar and Solar wizard. One schools divided in two. Owned by maybe Alexis Dandrefaul. Here is my overview.
Lunar wizards are strong, caring, brave and cooperative. They enjoy spending time at night by the pond in Mooshu. It is said they control the most important thing of all, the Lunar cycle. Moon wizards are very rare in wizard city until now, the new arrival of Alexis Dandrefaul.

Solar wizards are bright, shy and curious. They enjoy spending time at the ponds in moonshine, gardening and reading poems. They are a lot like life wizards. They enjoy spending time in the sun and the water. The solar wizards control the solar cycle and the summer solstice. As moon wizards, solar wizards are rare too. Until the arrival of Raven Starbright.

I hope you took your time to read my suggestions for wizard101. Thank you! If you take these uggestions, make up any design for them. Go crazy KI!