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KI is OP

Feb 18, 2014

A bug world, where the town would be like a hive of some kind, and players run around outside in giant vegetation and the like with insect-themed outfits
( **cough** Khrysalis **cough**)
There is a desert-type world for Krokotopia, so maybe also have a tundra-type world with lots of ice, big thick furry outfits, and abomonable snowmen
( **cough** winter tusk **cough**)
Dinosaurs. There should be a world with dinosaurs in it too. Maybe not the big giant hulking type, but Dinosaurs that are more like people than giant lizards (the way people of Marleybone are more like people than cats and dogs). And you could have like a stoneage, sort of "Flintstones" inspired outfits.
( **cough** Azteca **cough**)
Maybe even a "Heaven and Heck" type world, where it's a classical sort of good verse evil thing. You could have Seraph NPCs (like the lady at the end of Unicorn Way... Her name escapses me at the moment) and some sort of appropriately evil-themed bad guys, not to mention the angel/devil outfit styles

I also like LafChill's idea of a swamp/jungle type world to represent the frogpeople. Have maybe some sort of jungle-tribe theme thing going for it (Professor Baelstrom himself seems to me to be some sort of Pygmy frog)

Well that's all from me for now. I might expand on this a little later, I quite enjoye thinking up all this sort of stuff :-)"

-This is from a world suggestion thread... All I have to say is GG KI

Sep 17, 2012
Was there really any point or suggestion in this thread? All I read is whining. Part of the fun of Wizard101 is all the little puns and referrences they include that reflect history, modern entertainment and culture. If it doesn't appeal to you or you just don't get it... move on. There's other games for your ilk. You clearly missed ALL of the influences and humor of those worlds you mock so freely.

Jul 26, 2011
I don't even see the point in this threat. Is there any suggestions? No. Is there any ideas? Nah. All you did is get some ideas that were made into worlds and 1 or 2 ideas that you liked. So? What if Kingsisle took ideas from the What Other Worlds do you think are in the Spiral Thread? They're listening to their community. Celestia, Khrysalis, Wintertusk, Azteca, Avalon, Aquila, and maybe even Zafaria most likely were ideas from that thread and Kingsisle brought the worlds or areas alive. So Tyler, remind me what was the point in this thread?