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KI free games reward tiers

Aug 29, 2008
I am not sure if this is the right place, but it was the best fit I could find.

I just wanted to say that there should be just a bit more variety within the reward tiers. For someone that can play at a consistant score it is becoming not so enticing after just a week with the new rewards. I have received close to 3 dozen of the same house item and the same transformation elixir and the same pet snack. It would be so much more enjoyable if there was more than one of each type of item with the tier that a player seems to be able to reach. I only play a few games a day of the free games and seem to always get the exact same things. Also it would be really nice if there was more of a variety of games to choose from, our family really likes the potion motion game.

Jun 21, 2011