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Khrysalis Part 2

Mar 14, 2012
I hope that when you kill morganthe that you I think morganthe will har a sister or a mother or something who is much more dangerous it might be the 3rd arc i hope cause I wanna see if she has a family

Stephen Whisper level 95 Necromancer

Sep 04, 2010
Guys this is where we fight Morganthe. Also, this is the end of the Morganthe storyline. The game is, however, NOT ending.

Jan 06, 2014
When we fight Morganthe, it probably will be a epic duel. She will probably be a Shadow Class rather than Death in Avalon. She probably will use a cheat using Shadow Magic but it will betray her and then end up helping you by summoning Malistare and Sylvia Drake. They will then help you fight her and end it for good. Merle then says "For fighting evil is not to be the way to go, thereby, we're evil and evil will still reign beside us cause of this horrible deed. We thou shalt then convice her to stop. For if she stop's, evil will be at bay and peace will reign only for a little while. Light will hold back the dam of the river of darkness, but it will break and we will face a new enemy so we must convince her to stop,".
Morganthe then replies "Alright Merle. I surrender but without a fight, nay. Let's finish from where it started!" said Morganthe loudly.
After the fight, Morganthe is like "Oh no. What have I done to get myself in trouble. This world *shudders* ruined my soul. Hey, there it is! Grab it and order will be restored," she says hesitantly.
After she drinks it, she become good and becomes ally of the Council of Light and she is restored! Also, Malistare and Sylvia get on it to and the best thing of all, the eye of Bartleby returns with Morganthe.
Merle then acts surprised. "BY BARTLEBY! A magical aura was just casted from Bartleby! Let's check it out. Meet me there,".
When you get there, you see the eye of the Future has been restored and Bartleby says "Thanks to Morganthe becoming good again and after her brother, Malistare, it has been returned. She convinced him to work for her then without the love and care of Malistare, Sylvia died but now, thanks to you, this has been restored and Wizard City is in one of it's happiest ages. The Age of the Heroic Young Wizards and I say, the blessings of the God's are upon you Young Wizard from up high in Aquila. This is the most honorable deed you done, young Wizard," say's Bartleby greatly.
2nd Arc Ends

Jun 03, 2011
I going to die it's here but do not have the world yet because still in Azteca. Wish me luck and good luck to you to. Quinn AshForge wizard.

Dec 05, 2012
yes, you do fight morganthe technically in part two