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Just Some Random Ideas

Sep 29, 2014
Not quite sure if anyone has come up with these ideas before or not, But me and my friend thought of some random ideas, I know allot of these or all of them won't make it into the game which is okay! But I thought they were really cute ideas and I love sharing ideas

Naming Mounts: I figured since we can name pets & dye pets & dye mounts we could name them, atleast some of them like the animal mounts atleast, but I also know that the name could get in the way while using the mount so maybe the names will only show up while it's in use as a house mount and not in use, Or when someone clicks on your profile to view your mount it will show the name that you gave it and also have the actual name of the mount above or under it.

Rainbow items!: I'm a very big rainbow person I love anything rainbow and colorful! So I thought some rainbow mounts? Maybe like a floating cloud with a rainbow over it type of mount, or a rainbow tiger mount. Kinda like all the big cat mounts but just rainbow with black stripes, or rainbow with white stripes, or vice versa, black/white with rainbow stripes. Either would be so cute!, Or just a rainbow smoke cloud mount, etc, More rainbow furniture items, wands, gear, You name it.

Sharing Houses/Rooms: This was an idea my friend came up with, Being able to have a wizard roommate! Sharing a house or dorm room with your bestfriend! Being able to decorate together what-not, I added on an idea of there can be an NPC that sells only Sharing houses/rooms, There can be a limit of wizards that can share, 2-5 however many, One person can buy the house with crowns and invite other players to share with them but won't be able to pick up the other players furniture so that way nobody gets their items mixed up.

NPC Purchase Quest: Another idea my friend came up with, Is in each world there can be an NPC where you can purchase a quest you've already finished and redo it over.

More wand variations: I'm a big wand collector, and I love to pick out wands I think suit my wizard best, so I thought maybe add some more school design wands for all schools, Example my current wizard is life and I think it would be so cute to have more nature wands, Maybe some flower wands, tree wands, etc. Kind of like the Sprig Of Spring wand but altered and different variations, and you can either buy them from the crown shop or receive them as drops from certain bosses.

Trading Option: Example, Say you have an extra mount you got from a pack that's perm and you don't want to sell it, or you got a 7-day or 15-day mount and you just don't want to keep them, We can trade with other players and give them to players that don't have the option to buy backs or have membership, Same with furniture, etc. I won't say pets because that defeats the purpose of hatching.

Dyeable Wands: We can dye most stuff now so why not have some dyeable wands! Example from my previous idea of more wand variations, Say we have a flower wand you can dye the petals and stem, Super cute!

Pet Accessories + Mount Accessories: I don't really have much ideas for the pet wise, but I was thinking of more mount accessories, like being able to put a pair of bunny ears on a mount or, a painted kitty face. Etc whatever you can think of.

And Lastly the laggiest idea of all!, Item design: This is a very big idea that i'm sure has been thought of already possibly, but What if wizards could use clothing items, wands, etc in game and create their own design on them, Or be able to add school designs of their own, etc.

That's all my ideas for now! Lots of these are far fetched but I couldn't resist posting them anyways! I hope you enjoy them.

Apr 16, 2014
I like the Rainbow Ideas.

I would love "An Emote" that is a Rainbow that you connect to another player,then the 2 of you are connected by the rainbow and can run around making it bigger or smaller. It would look cool in the commons, and would be fun, rather than have to always listen to trash talk there. We need some fun activities that make it more fun to hang around the commons like that. And even those who do not have memberships could have fun with this also. I have played 2 different games that have this, and it was always fun.
Dizzywood, and World of Warcraft.

Please consider this fun idea. Thanks!

Scarlet Shadowstone.

PS. Come on people....Chime in with us!

May 09, 2016
Sharing houses would be so cool. Seriously, that's what dorms are, you often share them with other people. Besides that, this game is a social experience. It wouldn't even have to go that far, maybe just have it so that you have your room, and that there's a common room connected to plenty of other dorms.

Sep 29, 2014