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Just me spouting off wand ideas :)

Apr 26, 2009
Merle Ambrose's wand - level 60 only

Only attainable from last boss in tower of the helephant- SUPER DUPER RARE
Seven 100 damage to all enemies - moon or star damage
Or seven 200 damage to one enemy - moon or star damage

150 critical and block rating

appearance- looks likes ambrose's wand and glows the color of your school
(ex. Storm - purple)

Animation- wizard appears in middle and twirls staff above head the points toward target and beam of light shoots at it.

Rocking guitar - level 12 +

Attainable from last quest in crab alley to match rocking outfits
Seven or five 60 damage storm cards
For animation maybe wizard could go on knees and play on guitar then point towards symbol as if pointing to a crowd

harps (already created)

Hopefully they make it so you can play the harp
Tell me if I like my ideas and how to improve :-)