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Just give me a reason

Aug 18, 2009
I am done complaining about the prices for mounts.

While i agree that the prices in crowns are far too high, i understand that KI is a business and must make money. And at least there is an option to buy with in-game gold.

What i do not understand is the (IMO) outrageous price difference in mounts.

There is no difference between the broom and the tiger, yet the tiger costs three times as much.

I am willing to pay for aesthetics, i use the dye shop and seamstress, but i will not pay that much for it.

But i really want a tiger.

All i need is a little excuse to put in the extra effort to get one.

Something. Anything.
It could put a balance blade one me when i charge into battle from horse (tiger/dragon/broom ?) back. Not give me a card to use, but automatically cast the spell on me when the fight starts. Just one. And it wouldn't work in dungeons or PVP since you can't enter the fight on your mount. Or it could increase my chance of winning the initiative in those same circumstances.

Anyway, i hope the staff at KI will read and consider this.

Mar 02, 2009
The mounts cost different prices based on there "coolness". The dragon seems to be the most wanted mount, its also one of the most detailed. I think the speed increase should be determined on how much the mount cost.

Example: Broom, Pony=30% Speed increase
Black horse, Horned broom=40% speed increase
Lion, tiger, dragon=50% speed increase

If i missed a mount i am basically refering to their price, anyone else like my suggestion?