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Just an Idea while decorating and noticing potions take up bag space.

Dec 08, 2009
Okay so hear me out.. I have two ideas for this. One being more feasible and easy to make, and the other would take some time but would be very beneficial. The first idea being of course a potions vault. It could simply look like a little shelf that has generic potion bottles on it. 100 potion space inside, 1 per area as usual.

The second, and more exciting idea, would be to make potions able to be placed in houses as decorations. I know it's not as simple as a single snip of code and 'bam' potions are housing items, but they already have models. I'm sure their size could be altered to better suit housing items, but overall both ideas would be beneficial to wizards and Kingsisle alike.

How you may ask? For wizards it would give a place to store our potions when they start taking up too much space. Either idea would provide wizards with a means of keeping low bag space while still having all the potions we acquire through events and the scroll of fortunes. With the new pet ability wizards will slowly be collecting potions for use later on. It will eventually start piling up and we'd run out of bag space if we weren't using potions and hoarding them.

Now for how it benefits Kingsisle. Kingsisle is first and foremost a business. Businesses need to make money in order to keep afloat. Adding another vault to the crown shop would pique a lot of interest for wizards who enjoy collecting things, but are weary of potion space. Of course there would have to be a crafting recipe for a potions vault, because the community would perceive it as a 'pay to win' item, and it's just good conduct to have a new item for purchase while also being able to acquired by other means.

Placing potions as housing items can also benefit Kingsisle. Being able to store potions in wizards inventory instead of simply using them immediately was a step in the right direction. If wizards were able to take potions and place them as decorations, not only would it motivate wizards to purchase potions more often for decorating, but it would increase the usage of potions, making them even more relevant in game. As of now battle potions aren't bought often, however if their model was appealing enough to decorate with maybe wizards would be more inclined to purchase them.

Overall I know this is a lengthy post, but these are ideas that i know would be feasible to implement into the game without too much work. I'm by no means saying such a task is "so easy i could do it in a day". As a part-time game developer i understand that such things would need to be discussed heavily among peers before any work comes to light. I'm just stating that with the past items released by Kingsisle it would be easier to implement than other vague concepts.

This is my first post on here, so i have no clue who all actually reads this. If anyone reads all the way to the end that'd be cool, but this is mostly just a creative thought i had today.

Jun 19, 2010
I too am trying to decide - do I really need to keep that potion? I am running out of back pack, bank, and shared bank space with all these potions.
I agree we need a place to store them. Add them to the reagents, make a vault, combine them to one "Space" but stack them as TC and reagents stack under one storage space.
I have actually fed some to my pet because I knew I would never use all those "minor" potions when I had plenty "major" of the same type.
I know KI is dealing with a virtual hive of monster hornets invading many areas of the program right now. But once you exterminate the bugs, can you please try to find us storage space for these potions before the bottles tip over and combine to create a "mad scientist lab spill" that may hatch more bugs