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joining camps in grizzle

Aug 15, 2009
i really like grizzleheim and i like the camps could we at some point join a wolf or bear camp after being tested by one or the other , then we could live in the tent but not own the land just the tent, so it would not count as a castle, and they could move summer camp and winter camp and be a part of the tribe, it would be cool if one of the test could be riding a horse and shooting a bow and arrow at the same time, but thats just a thought.

also i was thinking about a new world i like the idea of a world of mountains where giant talking eagles live, eagles big enough to ride and there could be caves all over the mountains , and really deep ocean where the fish can talk and you need to where special gear to go to . and flat plains covered with all different kinds of deer or something prehistoric could roam and they could be a comunity as well, how about mole people all underground, if you could could you see to it that there are mastidons.

Jul 26, 2009
I like grizzleheim too and I like all of those ideas. It would be really cool to live in a tent in grizzleheim. That should be added to the game for sure!