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Dec 02, 2009
mrsedwardculen wrote:
that would be wicked cool! of course its only me to throw in ideas.

restarant: you make the food, you hire waitors and waitresses, free food
shop: clothes shop, spell shop, any shop, you sew the clothes, you sell them
art gallery: you paint the art, you sculpt, you buy other people's art, also
school: you teach, you plan lessons, you make uniforms
arcade: you build the arcade style video games, you buy some already made
curio shop: you sell funiture from different worlds, you bargian and trade
where it would all be: one collosol shopping mall, 80 stores per realm
reply to me about your thoughts, and kingsile, please make it happen,

Lindsey Shadowcaller
Level 25 balance wizard
" Dont ever give up"

O! THE JOBS COULD BE DIVIDED INTO MINI-GAMES!javascript:emoticon(':D'); Like if you were making soup potato soup it would be like- click the knife to cut the potato. You have 40 seconds 3, 2, 1 GO! javascript:emoticon(':D');

And how much you got payed you would depend on how good you were and you could choose the time you worked so you'd have time for questing!!!!!!!!!

Dec 15, 2008
boxie8 wrote:
I think it would be nice if we could have jobs so like we could make a store at our house or shopping district and hire wizards or to be hired and it could earn you gold/crowns not that that will happen so KI please consider this anybody who wants to post i have this bookmarked and will try and get back to you.Thanks :D :-)
I would love it. :D When you start a shop or something, you can make your own quest but, what would happen when your in a dungeon and have to work?

Jan 11, 2010
Snivel wrote:
It is a little known fact, but, there is a way to get a job and earn crowns.

It is an option that your parents must enable though.

Here is how it works:

1. talk to your parents and get them to allow you to enable this option.

2. turn the computer off and go outside and find someone who will give you game money called "dollars" for providing a service for them

3. use those "dollars" to purchase gift cards or give it to your parents to use on their credit card for you to purchase in game crowns

this is the ultimate immersion and you will truly feel as if you did the work to earn the crowns

LOL Snivel...I could not have said it better.
For those of you who need more examples, here are a few:
Wash some cars, Rake Leaves, Mow Lawns, Walk Dogs, Clean the Garage, or rub your Grandma's Feet. Haha.. Then take the money you have EARNED and go to a drug store that sells Wizard 101 Gift Cards. Buy one with YOUR OWN money. Then you will have crowns !!!!

It is much better than standing in the commons asking strangers to give you crowns or gift you with " their" money "they" earned.

Feb 22, 2009
That would be great, since I am a grandmaster and I usually just help people, it would be great to meet some new faces while helping them and helping myself ....if you know what i mean ;D (gold in case you didn't) I think it would be really cool having a job, maybe a stand where lower leveled people that need some help when no one is around to help can be helped by higher level people. Also it could be helpful to maybe work in the library, not really sure what other options could be

And this is just an idea but what about a thing maybe like PVP but it would be for the dungeons in the game, such as malistaire, briskbreeze, or the warehouse, because i know at least for me, many times i've wanted to do these things but there wasnt anyone online to do with it, so i'd have to spend countless minutes and some times hours scouring for other people, but with the PVP like stand, others that wanted to do the particular thing you wanted to do can sign up, this way you can do what you wanted and meet some new faces

Apr 18, 2010
boxie8 wrote:
I think it would be nice if we could have jobs so like we could make a store at our house or shopping district and hire wizards or to be hired and it could earn you gold/crowns not that that will happen so KI please consider this anybody who wants to post i have this bookmarked and will try and get back to you.Thanks :D :-)

Yeah it would be awesome to be able to have jobs. I think you should get gold like 5,000 if your really good. I hope KI does give you the ability to get jobs. PLEASE KI PLEASE.

Feb 22, 2009
mrsedwardculen wrote:
dogdude163819 wrote:
it is a good idea but one thing. What is the limit of thing bad you can do before you get fired? :?

you know, you have a point there. you probably shouldnt: cuss, steal, be inapropirate, scare away customers, ruin the things, lie, or hire people if your not the boss

And if you do it the manager knows because there would be an alert system.

Three strikes

The price range is made by the value,

Minimum wage is 10$ an hour

You can only have 4 workers and a manager as long as it isnt a restarant

Shoplifters get automaticly reported and there is an alarm system

You need an interveiw

They have to be hired fair

Workers can be on the manager's friend list, but there is a worker list

No paintings that are inapropriate, people will be buying those

Employee discounts

You can't give away items for free

You can gift only if you buy it from a wizard owned store

Customers can try on things

Sounds cool, but how would they set up an alarm system for shoplifters?

May 27, 2009
ok I think you could have a whole new "world" that has malls/shopping places. instead of you standing there have a like pedestal with a book then you press x and you have the list of items for sale.when someone buys an item from you the gold is automatically sent to your backback.if you want to put something on sale you have to have that piece of clothing and you have to put it in the shop by going to your spell book and do it from there.in the world that has the malls and shops there are specific realms. you can only go to these realms if you are in the shopping world. here are the types of shops/malls etc.:

SHOP cost=1000 crowns/10000 gold
MALL cost=5000 crowns/50000 gold
COMPANY cost=10000 crowns/100000 gold

mall has a max of 5 shops. you can send an invintation to person to move their shop into your mall/company. 75% of the profit made by the shop owner goes to them and you get the rest. the invintations show the amount of money the person with the mall has to give you if you join their mall/company. same goes w/ companies. 25 max shops in the company and 5 max malls in the company.all the shops in the mall that is sent the invintation will move to the company as well along w/ the mall. thx for reading

Benjamin Fireflame
lv 35 magus pyromancer. :D