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Jewel Confusion

Oct 03, 2018
I have some jewels labeled Ice-Proof, Life-Proof, and Myth-proof. They show + shield but no numbers to indicate what exactly is it adding? Are they worth using? Idk what they do exactly. Help please!

A+ Student
Mar 31, 2009
They provide Resist vs whichever school they are (Ice-proof resists Ice spells). There is no value, because it depends on the pet and their stats. It is worth using if you don't have another jewel that you would rather use. I think that pip chance, and damage ones are generally preferred, but it depends on your pet setup you want to use. Pets can be a deep concept to get into, so I can't help you too much there (there would have to be a separate guidebook just for that.)

Honestly, my biggest recommendation is to just make some friends in the game, you can meet some nice people that will help you out. You can also try joining a Discord server, some of them are nice too.

Good luck!

Jun 04, 2014
The proof jewels can provide up to +10 shielding to your character. In other words they add to your resist score. The Ice Proof adds shielding against ice spells, Life-Proof against life spells, and so on. Normally these jewels go in spots on your gear or pets (depending on the jewel shape). In some cases you need to unlock the gear to put in the jewel. You can do this either by paying a small amount of crowns (usually a hundred), or by using the appropriate "wrench" that sometimes drops in the game.