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Jewel caster.. your wizard a jewel caster warrior

Jun 04, 2010
ok so .. i have basically become for the most part a jewel caster with my wizard.. my idea is .. well your kinda in development with it .. i use one card of major and most backing spells .. but most of my casting to at ,, least of my casting is done with jewels faceted.. you could do more jewels and have a story line or something of a kid that was like a muggle .. non magic .. no skill at all and he developed a school where he teaches the use of jewels to non magics beings uses them to open portals .. etc.. as well as the casting of battle spells some could be muggle guns that faceted jewels could be used to cast some spells as well ,, point is you could facet everything .. from weapons through to vehicles mounts .. a weapon like a wand that would have a weapon cast facet.. hats.. 5 slot gloves .. etc the possibilities are endless with could be disastrous effects for un-trained .. or whole world based on it .. have had this idea since jewels came out .. you too??