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In game quest list

Jun 25, 2008
I think it would make stuff a lot easier if they had a in game quest list so you can make sure if you did all of the quest in the world or on a street. If you think this is a good idea reply back and list your ideas

Jan 24, 2009
There isnt one out of game... press 'Q' and you will see that there is already an ingame quest list.

Oct 16, 2008
Half the fun is exploring. There is a point at which this game would simply be you watching your character play, or at least it would seem that way. I'm guessing you don't like Zeke's finding quests?

Sep 09, 2009
I agree and have menitoned this several different times on various boards.

I can see the need NOT to list quests if the main quest line of a world is
still in progress.

But if the main quest line is completed, then somewhere the minor sides
quests should be available for review. I know I have missed some and
have not a clue where they are. Maps are not a help, revisting old areas
multiple times does not seem to help.

Oct 16, 2008
If you've gone to everyone in a world and still didn't get a new quest, then you may have to wait until you complete other quests on other worlds, or are certain levels. Check back every so often.