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In Game Names

Jun 04, 2009
Could I get an answer to why we are restricted to a specific type of in game name? I understand it's to guard against inappropriate names but KI could utalize the same filter as they do with chat? Could we possibly in the future be able to select our own in game name with the approval of KI (prior to being used).

Sep 15, 2009
I really like this idea - I would be able to, at least, apply for a storm wizard called 'Fizzle I Tuss' :)

Another online game has this system, players are allowed to 'type-a-name' but are then known as 'red dog', 'green duck' until the game moderators approve their chosen name. Can you see how many baby wizards will be running round with the name 'storm wizard' until they get approval? Could be a little confusing but would be great fun to think up funny yet appropriate names.

How about it, KI?