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In game message boards

Feb 18, 2010
Too many of us have lost contact with friends through accidental deletion/ignoring or maybe we simply want to leave a message when our friends are not on line to arrange in-game meet ups . How about this:

An alphabetized message board located in Ravenwood or the Commons, similar to message boards at conferences. The board would have set drop down menus for name of wizard to whom message is being sent and his/her school, name of wizard placing message and his/her school, and entries for the world, place, realm, area, day,time, and time zone. It might work like this:

If I wanted to meet up with Rachel Dragon Wing to run Sunken City, I would leave an entry under letter "D" for her, and I would click all the other appropriate information. Content should be easy to monitor and control since the only info a player could enter would be wizard names; all else is on drop down menus.
Something like this could have saved me a lot of heartache!

Jun 04, 2009