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In-Game Helpful Suggestions

Jul 30, 2012
I think it would help a lot of first time wizards if there was helpful suggestions. It would make some elements of the game more intuitive, less frustrating, and in some cases just accepted. Targeting the top 10 complaints
simply stating how the game works may reduce complaints. Some of these things may already be said in-game, but more emphasis may be needed.

The current tips are good, but generally very basic and specific. The fighting tutorial is really good.


Wizard City:
-> There are lots of other friendly wizards that attend Ravenwood. If you need help asking is always a good idea. Remember to help your other students too. Stay away from unfriendly wizarding students, pay them no attention.

-> You can port to your friends in battle or in their house. But remember its often nice to text them first!

-> Young wizard remember to visit the stores and bazaar to regularly update your gear. If you want to keep your stylish matching outfit visit the seamstress in Wizard City Commons.

-> A word of caution young wizard. Marleybone doesn't have safe sidewalks like the worlds you are used to. Roaming enemies can snag careless adventurers at any time! Always watch your step and keep an eye out for trouble.

-> You may be given opportunities to visit other worlds. This is always a great idea for a change of scene and advancing your skills. If a quest seams overwhelming try some other adventures within the spiral. You can always return to a quest later.

-> Young wizard, for quicker transport may I recomend a mount. And become familiar with the teleporting system.

-> Young wizard, always remember to ask other wizards for help if you need it. If you ask nicely someone will always help. Stay away from unfriendly wizarding students, pay them no attention

-> A word of caution young wizard. Celestia is like no other world you have entered. Enemies within are much more powerful than ever before. Remember to update your gear and have friends help you when necessary. If you feel overwhelmed try some sidequests in other worlds that will make you much stronger.

-> Young wizard, make sure your gear is always updated. The best gear in the spiral can be crafted from recipes. Some say Waterworks has unbeatable gear available nowhere else! Choose your equipment and pets wisely!

Apr 10, 2010
Good list. Excellent thoughts and suggestions.
Many wizards forget to purchase better as you go and trade the equipment to lower level characters of yours.

Pets= Train them
wands and amulets= carry multiple (at least one balance), extra spells are always usefull or buy ones with defences. like golf clubs you need more than one.
Treasure cards= carry them and prep self for long term questing.

In general, Have fun give help when asked (if possible), be polite, respect other, and take a break and train pets. It may allow to figure out a problem that may be stumping you.

Complete an area at a time (except for fixed ones IE Grubb, Kensington park) if you do this you will be prepaired
for the next world and you may have extra level or two that gives you an easier way to go.

Never under estimate a stranger asking if you need help in a battle. These people may be good candidates friends that you can count on. This means you have to help them also. It is a part of it. It is like paying back a debt.

Never let a monster linger. If you can defeat do so. End the battle get the loot and move on.

If you are testing a new spell do so in a low level area that allows you to learn with bugging other people.

You must think and not just act. Do not be rash. Calm and clear thinking will get you far.
Do not Beg
My thoughts.
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