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If you were to add a new spell to wizard101.....

Dec 02, 2014
name ship wreak
cost 1 shadow pip and 6 normal pips
level 110 you get this spell from school teacher the teacher send you to cl for quest you have to kill cheating boss for it
dose 699 to 900 damge over 3 rounds gives a 65% blade to caster and has 10% chance of casting on self
details it look like a ship sailing the open sea then a storm blows in knocking the ship all over as if the sea was mad at the ship and then the water and winds and rain and lighting slams the ship into the enemy or caster

name forever frost
cost 1 shadow pip and 7 normal pips
level 110 you get this spell from school teacher you get sent into a hidden cave hidden the school and have to battle a cheating boss for it
dose 1000 to 1200 after spell casted it gives everyone on caster team a 70% block and stuns one play on enemy side.
looks like a normal frozen waste land till the land start moving forming a women out of snow and ice her eyes glowing then she points to the sky then to the enemy all sundae ice fly's from the sky impaling the enemy's

what you think

Dec 23, 2011
Spell name- Running on wind
Pips- 5
Animation- There is a swirling and a whistling of wind and dust, and leaves are flying in a sandy tornado then the the sand slows slightly so you can see a cheetah in its midst. Then the cheetah runs and does a massive jump, clawing the wizard and at the end the cheetah flings a pile of sand at the wizard's face, giving them a -25% to next attack weakness on them.
School- Balance
Damage- 400-455 attack to all enemies and -25% weakness to all
How to obtain- treasure card and a card you can obtain if you are a balance from a level 42-48 quest. Sometimes dropped by bosses.

Oct 26, 2012
Name: Domovoi
Pip cost: 6 and one shadow pip.
Accuracy: 80%
Damage: It would be set at 1165 ice damage to 1 foe.
What would it look like? Well, I seen many looks for the creature. Sometimes covered all in hair like a small yeti. Other times it almost look a tiny bit like a gnome but not dressed the same way. I've also seen it with different items before but for this spell, I think the more small human/gnome look and holding a broom will work. As it is an ice spell, it would use this broom like a hocky stick but only to brush some snow on the ground into the target. It would be bigger than a garden gnome but not as big as the elves in Polaris that are maybe 7 times bigger than the game's other elves. I'd also like to see some 11 pip minion spells besides the one that death wizards can get. As a gift from your old teacher to a former student, you can call upon them as a minion to help. Maybe later they'd give you a 12 pip spell where your school's tree like Ivan or Niles or Kelvin (etc.) can be used. Not sure about being another minion though, probably being used in another way. Here are spell ideas I have.

Name: Shadow Legion Shield
Pip cost. 1 pip and 1 shadow pip
Effect: It casts a normal legion shield spell and a shadow version at the same time. Likewise, there's be a shadow blade storm too that'd have the same pip cost and would cast a normal bladestorm and a shadow version at the same time.
Name: Spiritual Shadow Legion Shield
Pip cost: 2 pips and a shadow pip
Effect: It would give your party spirit shields and a shadow shield. Like wise there's be an Elemental Shadow Legion Shield that'd have the obvious effect for the same pip cost.

Jun 04, 2014
Name: Roses and Thorns
Class: Life school
Cost: 1 shadow pip and 6 normal pips
Level: 110
Accuracy: 90%
Type: AOE
Damage: 400 to each target + add 25% life trap to each target and +200 point absorb shield to each team member.

Effect: A single rose bush appears with a pixie happily flying around it. Then one or more thorns on the side of the rose grow and sprout into large venus fly traps - but still attached to rose bush. One tries to snap at the pixie who shrieks and flies away successfully. The the venus fly traps turn to the enemy - and grow larger (like Aphrodite-sized) and then chomp down on each of the enemies - inflicting 400 damage to each one (modified by blades, etc.). After the chomp, a Life Trap (25%) appears on each enemy still living. Then the fly traps vanish, and the roses on the rose bush turn to the players and bow slightly to each - leaving behind a life version 200 point absorb shield.

Oct 09, 2011
Total Eclipse
Pips: 2 + 1
Damage: 250
Effect: adds a dispel for , , and and -25

Oct 26, 2012
I got a couple more ideas. How about a spelled called shadow feint special. The pip cost would be 3 pips and a shadow pip and would cast a feint and shadow feint on all targets. I also thought of one called Shadow Parade. For 4 pips and a shadow pip a shadow in your school's main color would hit all targets twice. First for 155 shadow damage and than 500 damage damage in your school. Alternatively the second damage could be adjusted to f ir the typical damage dealt by your school and likewise the accuracy can be as well.

Aug 04, 2012
I have a kind of wacky idea for a spell but I think it is pretty awesome.

Name: Burning Heart
Pip Cost: 7 pips and 1 shadow pip
Accuracy: 75%
School: Fire
What it does: (Single Target - DOT) This is weird but when you click the card, the numbers 1-8 appear above the spell card. If you click "1" and then click your target the spell will leave a tick on your target that does 1000 damage and than disappears. If you click "2" than the spell will leave a tick that lasts two rounds that each do 500 damage. If you click "3" than the spell will leave a tick that does 333 damage for 3 rounds. - "4" = 250 damage for 4 rounds. "5" = 200 damage for 5 rounds. - ETC...
Animation: A tree with red leaves grows in a spiraly shape in the center of the board. - A fire elf sneaks into the board from the right side. The camera zooms in on him. - The fire elf prepares to fire his bow. He laughs and then releases. - The fire arrow hits the tree with a "crack"! When the arrow hits the tree, the tree's leaves catch on fire. - This is when the blades and weaknesses get activated. - The fire on the tree burns really bright for a second - The tree explodes. There is lots of fire and ash everywhere. - The tick is put on the target.

Nov 22, 2010
Steal all wards:

Right now, ice can steal one ward. It would be nice to enhance that and allow ice to steal all the wards on a target, not just one.

As far as pip cost and all the rest, I leave that to the game developers who have access to the code and responsibility to balance the game out. Though I do suggest that perhaps it cost a couple pips and a shadow pip.

Jun 27, 2011
I just thought of a good spell idea, we all know elementals as minions ex: fire and storm. And there are opponent elementals, so why not a trainable spell elemental. Each school would get one and it would only be around three to five pips. It would do a very small amount of damage(around 100)but then it would have a special effect. For example life would have something like 200 hp absorbs to all allies. Fire could have a fuel to each opponent, storm could do cleanse all negative charms from self, myth maybe clear all hanging effects from allies or opponents. Maybe balance could be remove the bubble and remove auras from opponents. They could also be 2 pip spells that require one shadow pip. I though this could be an interesting utility spell as well as cause some damage. Maybe the elemental spells could be on gear or pets etc. but I honestly think they would be very helpful.

Feb 06, 2010
MegaGoldKing on Nov 16, 2015 wrote:
What would it be? please post in the comments your ideas!

Make sure you include the following:

Spell name

How many pips it would cost

What the spell animation(or animations) would look like

What school could obtain it

How much damage it would deal

And how many enemies it would damage

And remember, BE CREATIVE :D

The spell card doesn't have to be a single creature, it could be a trap, a treasure card, or it could be multiple creatures! (similar to ninja pig)

Here is mine:

Name:Fire Knight

Pips: 3

Animation: A whirlwind of fire particles spin around the middle of the match, then a explosion happens and a flame knight is standing in the middle. They then rush forward and swing their sword at a random enemy.

Damage- 150-200

School: Fire

Now its your turn!
Name: Wiznet Troll

Pip: 5 and 1 Shadow

Animation: Normal troll animation except more data like and in a 70's future suit, instead of a club he has a random sign that reads "LOL, N00B, or KAPPA", normal Attack animation except hits all foes, laughs to steal pips from all.

Obtainable by: Storm in a new Grizzlehime like area for levels 95-1?0 ( shadow pip knowledge required )

Damage: 350- 750 to all and steal 1-4 pips.( 1 from each foe)

Feb 06, 2010
also came up with this...

Name: Curse of Waste

Pip: 0 and 3 Shadow

Animation: None

School: Shadow obtainable from trainer in ??? ( world not made yet / discovered yet )

Effect: Cast Enfeeble and Shatter on a target, Then add a -25% charm and trap on them.

A+ Student
Mar 31, 2009
I think it would be really cool if there were more utility spells for the next update (over more powered damage stuffs).

Anyway here are some ideas that I had:

-A global spell that positively affects all friends such as increased damage, critical or pierce (or some combo) that does not affect enemies.

Cost: 4 Pips + 1 Shadow Pip

- A 90% Tower Shield.

Cost: 1 Shadow Pip and maybe like 1-2 Pip

- Drain Distribute. It casts a charm (or maybe shadow) above head that acknowledges that the next DRAIN spell will have the life distributed among all friends. So if someone casts say Scarecrow it sums up the total health accumulated and re-dispenses it to all friends.
Ooh perhaps it can last for like 2-4 rounds like an aura or shadow spell instead of a charm.

Cost 1: 2 Shadow Pip (if they do the aura/shadow version) 1 Shadow Pip If only for next Drain only either one

- Detonate as an enchantment. Allows you to add a DOT to initial damage. It's like Detonate but built into the spell. It would have to be an enchantment. (Not the best I know)

Cost: 1 Shadow Pip + 2-4 Pip.

- Shield Minion. Summon a minion with low health like 250. The minion does weak attacks but absorbs 50% of your damage until it is defeated. So you only take half damage until the minion is defeated.

Cost: 1 Shadow Pip + 4-5 Pip

- No idea. The Rose with Thorns element in the animation sounds cool, but not entirely sure. Perhaps some form of Guardian Spirit, where once defeated you regain your 15-20% health but then automatically cast an all enemy weakness or something?
Cost: 1 Shadow Pip +4-5 Pip

- I know this isn't really a utility spell, but the idea of a ship being tossed on the Sea as an animation sounds utterly epic!
Perhaps for a utility Cleanse for Friends: Cleanse 1 Negative Charm from each ally. Kind of a anti-virulent plague. Again not sure if it's the best.
Cost: 1 Shadow Pip +0-2 Pip

Those are just some ideas that I had. Some are obviously better than others.

Apr 07, 2011
Spell name: Buffaloon

Pip cost: Five

School: Balance

Accuracy: 75%

Type: Damage

Effects: 460-660 Damage

Animation: Purple clouds form on the dueling circle and out of them comes a Buffaloon. It hovers there for a moment and then bounces onto the player dealing the damage.

This spell can be learned by: Defeating Do-Daga in Mooshu

Apr 07, 2011
Spell name: Ettin

Pip cost: 6

School: Myth

Accuracy: 80%

Type: Damage

Effects: 60 and 690 Damage

Animation: Ettin appears on the circle and deals a first hit, then a second hit dealing the full damage.

This spell can be learned by: Defeating Apollo Bright One in Aquila/Wizard City

May 07, 2015
I got 2

spell name: Miranda jade song (my wizard name)


pip cost: 9+ 1

level gained: 150

effect: takes blades then 1000-1500 damage to all enemies (it takes blades first then hits)

animation: a wizard rides in on a flaming unicorn. the wizard gets off. walks toward the enemy. blows a flute witch makes a fiery wind animation. witch switches the blades so weakness's go to the enemy and blades go to the caster. then grabs a sword out then runs toward the enemy slicing fast then gets back on the flaming unicorn then rides away

spell name: dragon guardian


level gained: 150

pip cost: 9+ 1

effect: deals 1000 damage to all enemies then 1000 health back to team

animation: a ghost dragon flys into scene. the dragon lets out a big roar (that's when blades and stuff go off) then flys up into the air really high. then flys down at the enemy really fast taking the health. then goes over to the team . stands on its 2 back legs. roars again. then the team gains the health thens flys away.

I figured life needed a aoe so I made one

cool spells right?

Apr 07, 2011
Spell name: Frost Troll

Pip cost: 5

School: Ice

Accuracy: 75%

Type: Charm

Effects: 610 Damage and -80% to next outgoing Damage spell

Animation: Snow and trees cover the dueling circle and a frost troll appears from the sky, it looks at you then attacks!

This spell can be learned by: Defeating Thulkir Battlegloom in Wintertusk

Apr 07, 2011
Spell name: Gryphon

Pip cost: 5

School: Myth

Accuracy: 80%

Type: Healing

Effects: 840

Animation: Grass and forest trees appear over the dueling circle and from the sky lands a gryphon, it calls out to you and then waves it's wings at you and heals you

This spell can be learned by: (New Trainer)

Feb 03, 2010
Spell Name: Sun & Moon

School: Star

Accuracy: 75%

Pip Cost: 8

Damage:1525-1710 to all enemies + 1000

Animation: The camera pans over a starry sky, when a Crescent Moon falls out of the sky, and into the ground. It flies out, and starts glowing blue. The animation breaks sequence to use all the wizard's spells and enemies traps, and then the moon attacks all enemies at once, like a boomerang. The sky suddenly turns bright, and the camera goes back to the sky. The sun is seen smiling at the wizard who cast the spell, and it heals the wizard.

You can learn this spell from: None, it is only obtainable as a Treasure Card drop from the final fight of every world Avalon and beyond.


Spell Name: Malistaire the Undying

School: Death

Accuracy: 65%

Effects: 1500 damage to one enemy + 575 Damage Over Time to all enemies

Animation: It starts with the island with the skeletal pirate coming up from the sea, when the sky fogs up, and the pirate collapses and rolls into the sea. From the clouds, Malistaire comes. He bangs his staff against the ground, and more skeleton pirates rise from the sand. Now the wizard's blades and the enemies traps are activated. Malistaire points at the main enemy, sending a surge of green magic toward it. Next, the skeletons charge at all the enemies, giving them the Damage Over Time.

Those are my two spells, hope you enjoyed my ideas, and would use these in-game.

Aug 15, 2010
Spell Name: Centaur Army
Pip Cost: 11
Damage: 1200-1350 to all and -80% to next spell.
Features: Centaurs will come out of a building and one would point towards the enemy, 5 centaurs would fire at each enemy.
Accuracy: 90%
Healing Spell:
Spell Name: Generous Dryad
Pips: X
Effects: 85 per pip to all friends.
Accuracy: 90%
Features: A Dryad will come out of the ground and giggle, and swipes her arm and everyone is healed the designated amount.

Spell: Big Bang
Pips: 12
Accuracy 85%
Effects: A tiny glowing orb will come out of the ground and explode showing all the worlds of the Spiral flying around. It will deal 100 of each school to all enemies, but for your school it will deal 250 and it will heal you 500.

Jul 14, 2013
Name:Royal expeditionary force
Damage:680-720 and adds a 35% weakness
Animation: A marlyboneian soldier ( in red uniform like the ones used in Krokatopia.) is behind some sort of sandbag wall of sandstone wall while under fire, this scene plays for 3 seconds and then he jumps from behind cover with a revolver and sword or a martini Henry rifle(British rife used in the1870s and 1880s) and says some line like "good day chap" and attacks you.
Hope you guys thought that this was a good idea please tell me.
I really hope that some spells like this one come because I really love the marlyboneian theam.
Oh and also this spell is set in the desert. Thank you all. Edward swiftrunner 55

Feb 03, 2010
Spell Name: Snakelord

Pip Cost: 5

Effect: 575 damage per pip + 1300 Damage Over Time + 1 round stun

Animation: In the middle of the desert, a sinkhole is seen. A snake pops out of it. It hisses at the enemy attacked, and climbs out of the hole. Now the animation pauses for the wizard's blades and traps. The snake breathes onto the enemy, letting out a cascade of sand, stench, and bones. The enemy takes the damage. Next, the snake hisses at the enemy, tongue out, and spits all over it, giving it a Damage over time. Finally, it jumps back into it's sinkhole, throwing sand everywhere and stunning the enemy.

Spell Name: Electric Box

Pip Cost: 8

Effect: 1700 damage + 50% trap

Animation: Katzenstein is seen wandering around his lab, when he suddenly gets an idea. The spell shows him putting together a machine at 3x speed. Finally, it slows down and he wipes his hands off on his labcoat. Now the blades and traps are activated. He hits the box with a wrench, electrocuting him. Now, with the electricity coursing through him, he goes and hits the enemy with that same wrench. The enemy is surrounding by an orb of electricity, which then caves in, right onto the enemy, damaging it and giving it the trap. He runs off, and the spell ends.

I am having way too much fun with this idea.

Mar 17, 2010
Yo what's up guys? I got 2 spells, hope you all like them.
Spell Name: Manticore

Pip cost: 7pips + 1

Effect: 800 damage + 480 (poison) over 3 rounds + 40% weakness to target.

Animation: TBD

Spell name: Sandworm
Pip cost: 7pips + 1

Effect: 1225 damage + Black Mantle ( or -40% accuracy to next spell) to target.

Animation: Starts off as sandstorm than a giant sandworm comes up from under storm throwing sand everywhere ( this is where black mantle comes from) looks at target , than shows its teeth, roars, than dives at target.

Aug 15, 2010
Can be learned at Level 78+
Spell: Brilliant Minion

School: All
Pips: 7
Minion Spell
Species: Seraph (or whatever creature your school has)
Health: 3,750

Spells Known:
Life Blade
Life Trap
Forest Lord
Balance Blade
If she dies she can be healed, unless a Wizard takes her spot.

Aug 05, 2013
Comeback Scarab
Balance Type
12 pips
Deals 600-800 damage
Does Mana Burn and Supernova
Also leaves by a 50- minus accuracy and 50- weakness
Animation: A normal scarab but it has a different design on its shell & horns are longer
Loremaster Train
Balance Type
10 Pips
Deals 1000 damage
Adds 40- accuracy and 40- weakness
When used, a caption will show up saying "Join the Loremaster Train!"
Can only be used once in the match
Cannot be blocked if crit
Animation: Loremaster is riding a train running over the wizard and a cartbox falls over giving it the 40- accuracy and weakness
Ultra Rebirth
Life Type
10 Pips
Gives Guardian Angel to all,( come back to life after your K.O'ed at 30% health )
Heals all by 80% health max
Animation: A bigger bartleby with both eyes( the other being like the Loremaster design )
10 pips
Deals 1000-1500 damage to all
Gives 45+ myth blade to user & a taunt is played