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if you were a cheating boss...

Feb 07, 2011
DouDou123 wrote:
marolin23 wrote:
picture yourself as a boss with a cheat, what would your cheat be? explain what you would say and what the cheat will be. if youre having problems, aim the cheat towards your school, like a big shield for ice or a big heal for life. what will your cheat be? and what would trigger it?

I would be a Balance Boss.

My cheat would be an attack cheat. Every time the opponent(s) cast a spell that costs 6 or less pips and mana, I would go next and I would cast a Judgement that deals 1000 damage that doesn't take any of my pips.

Another cheat would be a cheat that deals 1000-3000 Balance Hit to a random person on the opposing team, depending on their health, whenever they cast a Balance Spell over 1 pip.

You totally read my mind! Well, sort of...

I would be a Balance boss (probably in Dragonspyre- I love that place!), and my cheat would cast a fully-power-pip'ed Judge (2K base damage) at a random player whenever someone healed (themselves, each other, or group) or cast a siphon spell (take that, Death school! Haha).

Another possibility: if someone in a group removed any of my shields/blades, I'd say something like, you have been weighed, measured, and found wanting* before stealing the entire group's buffs (this also applies to those Earthquake-happy conjurers- yeah, I'm evil like that.:P)

*For those who noticed: yes, I quoted A Knight's Tale, but just for the general theme/idea (Balance, scales, you know). No copyright infringement intended.*

Hope that floats your boats!

Laura Shadowsong
Legendary (Evil) Sorceress,
& Malistaire minion, always.

Mar 19, 2009

I'd raise my max health by 99x! And It would be activated by talking during the match.

Speech (To warn) : Let's play the Silent game!
Says: Shut UP!

Sep 05, 2011
I would be a side boss in celestia named the astral avenger in the district of the stars. The quest would be for level 65+. I would have 15000 health with a picture of a school that has sun moon and star.
1)If you use a star spell I use a random 6 pip spell and get a 30% amplify for 8 rounds.
2)If you polymorph I use a random 7 pip spell.
3)If you use a sun spell I use a random 5 pip spell and get rid of all shields and blades that arent mine.
4)If any shield is used I get a 75% tower shield.
5)If i have under 2000 health I use a regenerate out of turn every round until I have 5000 health.
6)My gargantuans add 350 damage.
7)I can use power pips for any school and start with 7 power pips.
8.)If anyone heals I use a 90% infection on that person.
9)I triage all dot spells.
10No minions are allowed.
11If a steal health spell is used the caster does not get any health.
12If a storm spell is used I will cast a -50% accuracy charm.
13Taunts will have the opposite effect and I cannot be stunned.
14Buffs will be undone if used.