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if you could make a world...

Dec 20, 2009
grump103 wrote:
I think we should do this.............


Pets: Dog Monk (like goat monk )

Clothes:Like in grizzleheim the bear costume but a dog one?

Castles:Dog Houses in diffrent sizes (small,medium,large)

Plot:Dogettia used to be a peaceful world until CATS TOOK OVER!!!!!
the enemies should be Crazed Cat,Cat nip Burgler,Bone Snatcher,Ghoul cat,
Goblin Cat,Undead Cat .
Bosses:Long Claws,Big Billy,Camper The Scratcher,
Dr.Iron (Robot cat and its a dungeon),Licky the Cleaner,and last boss with 10,000 HEALTH BENGAL THE PANTHER CAT!!!!!!!! please oh please post me saying any other good boss names THX :D !
That's basicly Marlybone

May 31, 2009
name:neblypus(mix of olympus and water)
monsters:cursed cyclopes,evil oracles,hydras,harpies,tritons,water spirts,charon. BOSSES hades,medusa,ares,minotaur,titains,kronos,killer whales, great whites. PETS satyrs,flying fish,minotaur,baby dragons,penguins. CASTLES hut (middle sized house), olympus(huge house)CLOTHES greek robe,ring of water,thunder wand. PLOT destroy monsters to capture data and kill bosses to gain cool items and to bring them in to court to gain levels,exp and trainer points. commons: athens ,allies:gods and life creatures. available at: level 21 go to prof. drake and he takes you to room with gamma in it and a door appears and sucks you in and your robes change then you get chaught by gaurds and are taken to court and you show them your spells and they give you time(girl) or water(boy)and then yuo start your adventure in neblypus!

Jul 02, 2009
Name: Maliceland! (Mal-ice-land, mix of Alice and mice)
Looks like: Alice in Wonderland stuff, all the large vines and grass, plus the fact that it's nighttime with three suns. The music is like Alice in Wonderland music, and occasionally the vines move to drop off treasure chests containing valuable items.
Enemies: What else? Cats and Owls! (Some corrupted dogs from Marleybone and bad wizards, too.)
Bosses: TreeSixdee Dagris, Whiskers, Ms. Fuorrytail, Paw Mo, and Malistaire Jr.
Castles: It's like you're shrunken down to a mouse-sized wizard, and you're in a normal house with holes. Something like that.
Allies: Brainwashed rats, capybaras, any type of rodent with neon green eyes.
School: Myth
Pets: Bugs like ladybugs, dragonflies, flies, any bug with wings!
Clothes: Like in Alice in Wonderland, the movie based on "Through the looking glass". Mainly the red queens' card-servant-thingy's clothing for boys. And Alice-clothing for girls.
Plot: An asteroid collided with a comet and then a space mouse declared land there. The space mouse, Cheese, designed the land like Alice in Wonderland. But then Malistaire had a pet cat who went into space and then found all the mice on Maliceland! Since then, cats and owls have ruled Miceland.
Commons: Talecity
Reagents: Stone Vial, poisonous plants.
Prospector Zeke Quest: Dragonfly In Distress

(I'll make more stuff.)

Feb 23, 2009
(New one~)

Wizards in Wonderland (WW)

Crazed Rabbit, Quiet Mice, Mad Frogs (Like Mad Hatter, but in frog-form), Undead Cats (Like Chesire, but red and black)

Small: A cabin. One with butterflies and life all around it. A forest background with deer running in and out. Bushes, flowers, grass, etc.

Large: A castle. It once again, has butterflies and life all around. A rainbow hangs over top, and you can climb on to it if you go out the back exit of it. It leads to a chest, and when you buy it, you get a special pet with it. Though if you want another one, you have to pay 1000 gold.

Smart Rabbit: Comes with 250 extra health.
Elegant Mouse: Comes with 250 extra mana, and 100 extra health.

Boys: Suits, with top hats, and fancy shoes. (Any color)
Girls: Dresses, with fancy top hats and slippers. (Any color)

When you first come, you fall in a hole as you drop. It takes about a minute to drop, when you do, you see a rabbit run past. As you see it, you have to run after it. Soon, you come to a halt. It asks you why you're here you say, "I was wondering where you had been going, may I ask?". The Rabbit, answers, saying, "To a tea party, you can come along if you'd like.." he said, almost in a evil tone. You somehow agree and follow along. A table is in the middle of a forest, the Mad Hatter is there, but it's a wizard that's your size. A crazy rabbit, a tired mouse and The Rabbit. You sit down, and they all grin, but showing sharp fangs. Then, you wonder, what they'll do. Since they'd been acting awkward, suddenly, you hear a large crash. They all laugh maniacally, as a cage drops at you with you still in your chair. Suddenly, they get up to leave. But they're really telling the Queen of Hearts that they had got the wizard they wanted. You start yelling for help, to see if anyone's around. Another mouse jumps off a tree branch. "No worries, I got you all safe!" it yells bravely. Taking out a key, he opened the cage. You ask, "How'd you get the key?". The mouse began explaining how he once worked for the Queen, and how he got a key from her to open these type of things. You thank him, suddenly becoming partners with the mouse. The mouse and yourself work together, and eventually defeat the Queen of Hearts.

The mouse gives you the Legendary Sword giving YOU;
700 extra health, 50 extra mana, and 20 extra pet mana.

May 28, 2009
markkraeger wrote:
PLOT destroy monsters to capture data and kill bosses to gain cool items and to bring them in to court to gain levels,exp and trainer points.
That's not a plan that's the basic idea of the entire game. The plot is the story of why your in the world.

Nov 22, 2008

(enemys)evil penguins, collusus, bear warriors,frosttillians(blue and white stormzilla),frost king, Much more

(castles)small one:The frozen lakes, big one:Ice palace

(pets)penguin,frosttillian,frost king,Much more

(clothes)ice clothes frozen,fire clothes burned,life clothes regular,death clothes patches of skin,Much more

(plot)Articia used to be called Ralone a place full of fire and splotches of burt land then the frost king came and froze the land.

(senery)this world is full of frozen lakes frozen fire pits frozen waterfalls everything is bacicly frozen

(dungeons)there are 5 dungeon some of them are...Kings Throne Room with is the last dungeon in it youdefeath 2 bosses to unlock a door then defeat 2 more soyou can unlock anpother door then defeat 1 person to unlock a portal to the real throne room there you kill the king,another one is Frozen Bariers witch is the second dungeon you defeath 3 people so then from a cracked barier comes his second guard Rionten

Jun 19, 2009

diamoand golem rank7ice (golem of diamonds)
diamond digger rank7balance (ghoul)
diamondspider rank7ice(spider made of diamonds)
turtle wacthman ranke 7elite (turlte with sword and torch)
gate gurdian rank7elite ice (diamond golom)
diamond creaters rank8 death (lost soul thats green )
diamond giant rank8elite death (giant diamond golem)
turtle guard rank9 ice (turtle on hind legs with spear)
ultimate diamond golem arms rank9storm

gulken the golem rank7 ice (all have diamond golems with them)
the digging master (ghoul)rank7elite storm
lucasthesnapper(turtle)rank8 elite storm
sherman the factory boss rank8elite storm
the river tiger rank8 elite fire (tiger dressed on hind legs)
flubby the barracks trainer rank8elite fire
sheldon (turtle with spoon) rank8elite ice
aleks cavegurdian rank8elite ice (diamond golem)
jak the golem rank9 ice
zak the skeloten rank9 fire
spidey rank9 myth (diamondspider)
helopolis rank9 myth (golem)
alek the wise (diamond creater) rank9elite ice you fight him 4 times in duengons
turtle leader bob (turtle wearing crown) rank9elite ice
ultimate diamond golem (golem the size of gobbler king you only see his head)rank10ice

castles, small one is a small cave with two stories,big one is a giant cave with a glowing diamond ceiling 13 rooms and one room has a volcano that is lever activated


plot,malistare has help the turtles use ghosts to create golems out of diamonds and the rabbits don't like it.you need to stop alek the wise from creating the ultimate golem or else.

the center diamond mine
the cave of diamonds
aleks cave
aleks mountain of golems
aleks waterfall castle
aleks meeting house
turtle tower of the spiral
bob's royale palace basement
ultimate golems temple

eastrn turtle town (commons)
the cave of mines
ruby path
sapphire mine camp
gem cutting factory
the river
the western turtle city town center
lower city streets
upper turtle streets
turtle barracks
the royal palace
the temple path