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If you could design a character any way you want

Sep 02, 2013
What would your character look like if you had more options? My first would be geek nerdy girl. Freckles glasses pink pouty lips..Big wizard hat but school girl outfit with Doc Martins Lol. Wish the character creations were more versatile is all☺☺Oooh and I want Morganthes wings from Khrysalis finale!! After the first couple wizards it gets kinda boring with just the same few options. Anyone have a fantasy wizard they wanna share?

Oct 30, 2011
I would give my character a less: "I farted and locked the windows & doors and your stuck in here with me" look. Just a less evil look, maybe long legs t-shirt and jeans.

May 07, 2015
I would make mine look like mailstaire or morganthe. the malistaire look would look the same as him but without the skeleton face. the morganthe look would like her with the wings and all that stuff.

Miranda jade song/Katie taylor
level 90 wizard/ level 7 witchdoctor