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Ideas of new schools

Dec 19, 2008
Yes, I know that there have been a lot of other posts about new schools, but this sums it up. I've included the ones that I thought were pretty good, and some spells with them. Feel more then welcome to post your ideas!

School of Chaos- I think this one was the best idea. I know Balance deserves to be the only one without a personal shield. I'm completely over thrown by the 'School of Chaos' idea! Chaos would be a little more powerful as storm, accuracy the same, but health doesn't increase as much as the others when they level. Read over some of the spells before comenting on the disadvantages, please. The schools colors would be white and a blue or yellow. Well, here are some ideas for spells.

Confused Serphant- 70%
The same form as Thunder Snake. Although all white except a blue line going down its back with a small strip of yellow inside the blue line. 110-155

Crazed Bird- 70%
The scene changes to a view of the sky. White fluffy clouds form, but then a hawk, Macaw, type bird flies from the sky at at your opponent. I have two ideas for this one. First one, it continues to fly as a blurr and it hits the opponent and flies away, or two, it screeches loudly at the opponent. This would be about 10 seconds long. 270-300

Crazy punch-
Two hands slowly form in the center of the feild, and they sway around shortly to make the opponents wonder who will be attacked (best in pvp). One Hand attacks the opponent that was aimed at with 350 damage. The other hand slaps the ground, stunning the entire opponents team.

Raging Dragon- 70%(last spell learnt from chaos school)
A cliff comes from the center of the battling field. The camera is face at the front part of the cliff, as the Dragon climbs up from the ground. The particapants get the first view of the dragon one its at top. Swirling clouds form as the dragon lowers its neck to its attacker. It raises its head, this is when all traps and blades are counted, then lowers its neck again. It then roars at the opponent, causing 700-810 damage.

Surpise- 100% (A side spell somewhere learnt in game)
When casted, and white spark flies into the center of the battling feild. The camera views the person being attacked shortly, then back to the spark. The spark rumbles for a second, then one of the following happen. A: It turns red, flies at the opponent doing 450 damge B: It turns bright blue, then, flies at the opponent, doing 200 damage, and stunning the entire team. C: It turns green, then heals the opponent D: Deals 1,000 damage to opponent, 250 to self.

School of Space- This one I think is the easiest to make gear for, yet the hardest to think of spells. I would imagine the spells being averaged between fire-death damage. Their health would be like life's just a little smaller. Their colors should be Dark blue and white. I don't like some of the ideas of aliens, but in my opinion, I think it should be more of comets, or explosions. Well, here are some ideas.

Comet Cat- 80%
With fire cat's base. It would be black, and spotted with white dots. It would be more graceful, but pounce on its opponent in the same fashion. 75-120

Star Lynx- 80%

A few stars twinkle, then one of them gets bigger, until it morphs into a Lynx. It first looks at its opponent, traps and blades are counted here, then it raises one claw and scratches in mid air. From the air where it scratched, wind blows from it, and hits the opponent. 175-200

I don't have to many more ideas for this one, please coment on your ideas.

to staff of wizard101-

I know it'll be a lot, I mean A LOT, of work to go through all of the worlds, add new monsters of the school to all of the different places, add new sounds when the caster casts the spell (I love ice's sound), create new textures to the clothes, add a new building somehow, and make a symbol for it also. It would be so awesome though to include the schools listed above though! Please take into concideration.