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Ideas of new armor!!!!!!

Feb 01, 2009
I want every on to post ideas for new armor and what their stats are. give me 4 to as many as you want (you dont have to post that much).

1. Choker of Darkness- Gives you a wraith card (necklace)

2. Hat of Resemblance- Gives you a self attack card (hat)

3.Boots of forgiveness- Gives you a sprite card and plus 101 health

thats all i can think of right now. post some ideas and when i think of some more i will post again. i will post of how many great ideas you guys made :P

Sep 28, 2008
Necklace Of Water- gives a water elemental minion card.(Crowns Only)

Hat Of Enlightment- gives a satyr card.

Wand Of Integrity- Gives 10% power pip chance, gives 1 extra pip.(Storm Only)

Boots of Magic- gives all stats 30% boost. (Crowns Only)

i have an idea for an idea for equipment if we could weild shields!

here are my ideas for shields

Cyclop's shield of strength- gives 25% to each Attack stat.(Crowns Only)

Dryad's shield of Life- Gives dryad card and gives 101 health.(Crowns Only)

Nighshade's shield of Death-gives 15% boost to all death stats.

Dec 26, 2008
How about these suggestions

Arena Only :
For the hats

Hood of Regenade 200 tickets 2% pips 3% attack 5% defence 2% accuracy

Hood of Faith 200 tickets 4% pips 5% attack 7% defence 2% accuracy

Helm of Equality 300 tickets 6% pips 7% attack 9% defence 5% accuracy


Hood of Victories 400 tickets 10% pips 9% attack 12% defence 8% accuracy


Veterans: Boots of Faithfulness 100 tickets 1% pips 2% attack 3% defence 1% accuracy

Knights: Slippers of Unforgetness 100 tickets 3% pips 3% attack 4% defence 3% accuracy

Captains: Slippers of Power 200 tickets 4% pips 4% attack 4% defence 5% accuracy

Warlords: Boots of Wisdom 300 tickets 6% pips 5% attack 6% defence 7% accuracy


Veterans: Robe of Power 200 tickets 4% pips 4% attack 4% defence 1% accuracy

Knights: Robe of Balance 400 tickets 6% pips 5% attack 5% defence 2% accuracy

Captains: Robe of Power 500 tickets 7% pips 7% attack 6% defence 5% accuracy

Commanders: Robe of Promises 700 tickets 10% pips 9% attack 12% defence 8% accuracy

Warlords: Armor of Destruction 900 tickets 12% pips 15% attack 15% defence 9% accuracy