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Ideas for Wizard101

Apr 24, 2009
I think Kingsisle should make an elixer in the crowns shop you can buy to automatically level a pet of your chose to a certain level like ancient. Also I think that you should have a special outfit when you reach level 90 like before when you got a hat for lv.80 Also I think that you should have an area in the spiral where people without crowns can buy mounts and packs and stuff with a certain amount of gold. Of course it would cost a lot but it would still be easier to buy then with crowns. You're doing great Kingsisle but there's one more thing I think you should add. In avalon theres always so many dragons. They look so cute and small and deadly at the same time can you make one of them into a new pet? That would be AWESOME! :) And plz give me a hint to when i get to kick morganthe's but!

Jul 11, 2012
I. Have an idea too here

Dear kingisle,

I have an idea for wizard101 next world. This is just an idea here go's, i think you guys should name the world Olympia i think it should be like the whole greek mythoolgy consept. I do not no alot of the whole morganta story because i am only in celestia so i do not no the whole story line yet but i think like she wants to take over all the gods or main gods (Zeus,Posiden and Hades) and trys to take over the sprial. I do not know about the spells or the people there or the places yet i just wanted to tel you guys but if you already have an idea stick with that this is just my idea. And plz ive me your honest openiunin P.S i have really bad spelling sorry i am only 12 and i love greek mythoogy. Thank you

~Darrian Banks

Feb 07, 2011
I agree with darrian24482. Most people would disagree, but I think Greek mythology is pretty cool!
I totally think his idea is awesome, so please add Olympia to the list of Wizard101's worlds! Thanks!

Alia-Level 41 Pyromancer

Apr 24, 2009
Jan 30, 2011
I also have an idea a new world with new spells i know about both.

some new spell ideas
-life school leave demon like a life efreet
-death school dark treant
-balance school sand beast a giant snake in a desert scene
-ice school frosted wyrm
-storm school electric wraith
-myth school queen bloodbat
-fire school extreme heatwave
-moon school polymorph spiderman not the superhero a spider mixed with a man
-star school star shield does 45% less damage on all attacks for 8 rounds
-sun school suns gauntlet does 75% more damage and adds a 100 % fizzle rate on all spells for 6 rounds

Those are all the schools i can remember

now for the world idea

after finishing azteca merle calles you over and tells you that his staff was stolen by a dark sprite that escaped before you could cure her merle says if you defeat her and get back his staff he will reward you with a spiral key you find her in a hole in the room just barely big enough to crawl in you go inside and the dark sprite is there you fight her and you get merles staff back you go back to him and you give it to him he rewards you with the spiral key you go through the spiral door and you come to a giant crystall cave that is the world there are a bunch of cool things there like shops with new pets and other things that is as far as ive gotten with it

Dec 22, 2008
I think Kingsile should make a new world that is based on all the past enemies. It should be like after you beat Avalon you are called by Merle Ambrose and he says that lately he has been sensing great danger in the spiral. He says that there is one way to find out and he says that you must find a certain part of key in each world (like the dragon rider staff quest) and when you do, he forges them all togethor to make a spiral key. When you use the spiral key (when you are using the spiral door it says ??? on the name and picture) you land into a distortion world filled with all the worlds in the spiral mixed up making a distorted background. Then you go back to merle and he says something like" My worst fears have come true. Out of the many and even hundreds of worlds in the spiral this is one of the most dangerous. It is called Razb(or something like that) and this is a world like no other. It is the center of existance. Long ago.. even before bartleby there was this land, and it was the only thing in existance. On this world was good and evil in there purest form. They raged battle for millenia and eventually the light one. Order was restored and then eons later (and here is the part of the story where they explain how barletby was came and the other worlds). And so this world if taken over by evil ever again could destroy everything in existance. So since this danger Razb was locked away forever so no immense evil could threaten the spiral, well not until now" so then you go exploring the world and all the creature from past worlds are here and you must go restoring balance to each of the 9 quadrants of this world and then, for the final duungeon you must face all the past enemies from Blackhope to White Dragon(not sure). So then after that you face the evil(make him look super wicked)(he can use all the spells and his school is all, but he doesn't have any resistance but all other stats.) And so then you win and woopie!!

Dec 22, 2008
and so continuing from my other idea:

You save the world again. Also I think if you ever consider this kingsile then in this world you should make it really long, so there are rank 11 and 12 spells( extend the max limit in battle) and the level cap should be 110

Jun 01, 2010
Here's an idea for a balance spell, it probably will have to be like 98 whenever you get around to that lvl. It would be called Egypt. When you cast, a sandstorm appears, hits everyone on the field (your team included) and turns the field to sand. After that, pyramids and sphinxes and other egyptian things appear. Then, all of the Ancient egyptian gods appear and merge, forming Divine Judgement. It attacks with 500 damage per pip, but has a 30% chance of attacking you.