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ideas for updates

Jul 03, 2014
i find that when questing with freinds i never know what quest they are on or what level they are on.

or sometimes i forget what level im on untill you hit the button to exit or come in, maybe do it like WOW where the level you are on is on the left and the level you are goiing to is on the right....or visa versa

some of these ideas could help someday

i know that some people do have rare first names like me darren, but was wondering why even common names are not in the list...i had to go with david but my names darren so was wondering if you could have added some more common names...mine would fit right under daniel

Sep 19, 2013
I seriously doubt that these could help. You only have 1 idea, and you can just press C to open your Character stats page.

Jul 13, 2013
Um...okay, just press the c button if you need to know what your level is(Really, it's not that important.) And just click on your friend.