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Ideas for the third arc of wizard101!

Jun 13, 2009
Hello everyone I would like to share my idea for the next arc of wizard101. Please feel free to express your ideas well!

After morganthe is defeated there is peace for a time however, Ambrose calls you to his office telling you that it is urgent you come speak with him. Ambrose tells you he has dire news to share with you. He tells you Bartelby is dying because he was poisoned and cannot be healed without a nearly impossible cure to get. Ambrose warns you that if bartelby dies the balance of the 7 magics will be thrown into chaos and his death will awaken the three ancient beings of the spiral, the storm, ice, and fire titans which will destroy all worlds of the spiral if awoken. Ambrose believes the individual who poisoned bartelby was Old Cob due to your news in telling ambrose he will make "beautiful disasters". Ambrose tells you to journey to Polaris to discover cobs dark plans and find out how to cure bartelby before it is too late.

So basically Old Cob has poisoned bartelby so the young wizard must save the spiral once again by defeating old cob, and curing bartelby before the titans rise and destroy the worlds of the spiral and the 7 magics are thrown into chaos.