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ideas for the game

Jun 08, 2012
1 Get rid of candy canes around commons. 2. Replace with lights on trees an make it snow in commons. 3.Have a ugly sweater for wizards for Christmas an make it dye able.4. For fun make nose on donkey mount be able to make nose squeak noise an have people be able to squeak it would be funny. 5. make a snow leopard mount. You would make millions. I have others ideas to bring back pvp

May 11, 2015
I would really enjoy the snow and the snow leopard mount too. I think they should have another charity event sometime. People will buy it. It’s not like no one buys anything in game all the proceeds go to charity. Which is a good thing. A win win.

Madison FirePyre

Jun 21, 2010
Sent this to kingsisle but I guess they can’t take suggestions directly so I’m resending here.

I want to preface this with the fact that I know this probably will never happen, but an email can’t hurt. I have been playing Wizard 101 for almost 10 years now, and you and I both know that it is loosing traction, and Pitate 101 never really gained traction to being with, but if this idea were to ever happen, everyone in involved would be very happy. Consider this, a beloved franchise that is still going strong, making the most money out of nearly any other property and is owned by a family friendly company. It already has 90% of the artwork and locations done for you, all it will take is a little creativity, a deal with EA (Electronic Arts) and Disney, and all the hope in the world. That’s correct, I’m talking about starwars. Imagine a turn based strategy, mmo rpg set in the starwars universe. I know you are probably thinking that this sounds like some of the previous online starwars games, but with your unique art style and already powerful influence in the online gaming community, I believe it will be a slam dunk for everyone involved. All the gear is already there for the waiting, from clone troopers to resistance fighters. Weapons are also already made. All it would take is some of your signature art style and feel. I was thinking of a class system similar to your previous 2 games. I believe some classes may be obvious, such as Jedi or sith, but some really unique and interesting classes could be made in this universe. I believe a soilder class could be made, your standard tank or dps, but some more unique ones could be a bounty hunter that deals additional damage to bosses, or a commander that can call in air and ground support. I understand how far fetched the idea of EA working with you is, but an email or meeting could not hurt. I believe that if everyone at kingsisle we’re to put their all into it, it might be done. All I ask is that this idea be considered.

Feb 28, 2014
I'd like to see Treasure Cards in the Share Bank. My life wizards gets TC from other schools and can't use many of them but my others wizards can. Why buy an amulet for 10000 crowns; 5000 on sale just for a few TC 2. Teleport hubs in Wizard City will be useful. it's the only world that doesn't have it.