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Ideas for the Game

Feb 12, 2012
Hello KingsIsle Entertainment,
I have had a couple of ideas for the game. They are not 100% complete, but that is because I wanted you to do some of the work because I just love how you invent stuff in Wizard 101.

The first one is called a mega pip. It would be worth three pips for your school only, and possibly purple.

The next one is kind of cool. It is like the Sanctuary spell for the life school, but it is for all schools, and it is called Safe Haven. It would be +50% to all health spells. We would get it from the Headmaster.

Another idea that I had has to do with the friends list. I thought that maybe us wizards could be able to create our own lists for certain friends ( family, best friends, real life friends, etc.)?

Finally, my best idea yet................................................... FLITTERMALIA!!!!!!! What is it you ask? It is a new world that was once occupied by fairies, mermaids, and unicorns. Morganthe found Flittermalia when she found a magical Tiger Lily that could tell you whatever you wanted to hear. She found Flittermalia, and cast a spell that sent Gorggs ( fairy, mermaid, and unicorn-eating monsters) all over Flittermalia, then the fairies, mermaids, and unicorns were chased to Gorggamel, the land of the Gorggs. When they returned, they found out that instead of their land looking like a princess palace, it looked like a cemetery. It would be for wizards level 90+, and the badge that you would get when you finished it would be Hero of the Spiral.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope that you enjoy these ideas.

Caitlin Iceblade, Magus Theurgist