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Ideas for new world and spells

Feb 15, 2009
World name: Earth (Millions of years before civilization like dinosaur age.)

New spells and quests:

Life: T-Rex - 910-1110 life damage and stun for 1 round, 9 pips 90% accuracy. Quest: Moolinda Wu: Hello there young (your wizard's name), I have a special assignment for you today. Headmaster ambrose has asked me to gather the scchool of life, and perform a mircale. The mircale of course is to bring back a dinosaur, as you may know, the spiral was ridded of them long ago, but with our powers of life, we have a shot at bringing them back. First off, I want you to gather the other theurgists of the school of life.
Goal: Talk to Ceren nightchant in Wizard City Unicorn Way, talk to Dusty Shadowcloud in Wizard City Pet Pavilion, talk to Lowe Springfield in wizard city pet pavilion. Ceren nightchant: What? moolinda wu wants all of the life school to gather? I'll make my way there right away. Dusty shadowcloud: Moolinda wu is gathering all theurgists? I will make haste. Lowe Springfield: Moolinda wu wants all life wizards to meet together for a special assignment? I'm on it. Moolinda wu: Good good now that we're all here, I shall give you your first assignment. We will need a petrified dinosaur egg. Maybe if you go defeat the grand T-Rex back in time you will find one. You go defeat it and choose ceren nightchant, dusty shadowcloud or Lowe springfield to help you besides that this boss is solo only and is balance school. Moolinda wu: Good good now we have what we need. Go gather some pixie dust from lady oreal she will be happy to help. Moolinda wu: good good good work young wizard. Through this pixie dust and all of our magic combined we are able to cure the egg of petrification! Here I want to reward you all with this new spell! By the way we found a whole cave warehouse of those eggs. Why don't you all take one? they are not petrified.
Reward: T-Rex spell, T-Rex pet-Hatch time 18 hours. Gives one T-Rex spellcard at baby.

Sep 27, 2009
also, i was thinking about india. possibly i mix between mooshu and krokotopia. And a worl thats a sort of zombie apocalypse theme. For instance, marleybone, but abandoned and all the buildings are destroyed.

Jan 03, 2009
Ice.spell name :Mammoth effect 40 ice damage then 700 ice damage over 3 rounds.all enemies.quest.Professor Greyrose.ah youre here.we must gather the thamaturges.go talk to Mindie Pixiecrown,Krokoteph.,and Pops Oleary. talk to them they come .we are going to freeze time and recover a lost Mammoth.you must fight Time Oni.he has one of ever thing.pick pops mindy or krokoteph.fight time oni.com back. you have gotten us the baby.he is happy,what shall you name him.reward.spell Mammoth.baby mammoth pet.gives mammoth.500 gold.4000 exp.
Cody Sparklemask
38 Ice :-) :D :) 8) :P 8) 8)

Apr 29, 2010
FireZilla spell


Teacher gives spell for lvl 50 Pyromancers

spell class: Fire

Quest: Dalia Falmea: Hello Most Improved Student Both the Headmaster and I agree to award you with a new furnished spell as well as a pet they both are unique and require accuracy and the ability to concentrate. To get this pet and spell you must bring coal, bones, some armor off of flamewings , mist wood and Two Perfectly new Fire Crystals.

(after your done)

Dalia Falmea

You are back and so quick! got what I need? Good Job You have one more thing to do bless this Zilla egg with Fire. Go see Ashley in DragonSpyre she will bless this egg with fire.

(Talk to Ashley)


Hello again (wizards name) what can i do for you?

(wizard) you show her the Zilla egg and you start to explain what your teacher has said for you to do.


Oh yes i remember. Young (Wizards name) take this Zilla egg to your teacher and tell her it has been blessed by the sacred fire.

(Talk to Dalia Falmea)

Dalia Falmea

Did you get the Zilla egg blessed by The Sacred Fire? Good Job you have your new FireZilla


Flamezilla pet

1 card Balance Blade

New Spell added to deck

Apr 29, 2010

Pip Cost: 5


lvl for spell to be obtained: 56

Dalia Falmea

Young wizard we meet again you are now ready to hold in your power a powerful spell I have a quest for this spell. Go to Arthur and ask for two sand Crystals next go to Ashley in DragonSpyre and get a Fire Crystal from her next go to the Fordge in Dragonspyre then report back to me. good luck with your quest.