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Ideas For New Schools (Not solar, lunar etc.)

May 08, 2009
Ok, for a while now me and my brother have been thinking about other possible new schools besides solar, lunar and the other new schools coming with the new world that i am not familiar with. Fire,ice and storm are the elemntals, but they are not the only elements. I was in my pool and the idea hit me. What about a water school? Personally i would join this school and i'm sure many other players with or without other wizards would give it a try. And then i thought, what about water prism? What would it convert to? So i thought up the air school. I am a little short on ideads for spells so if anyone has any ideas please let me or my brother Shadow845 know. Examples for spells for these schools are tsunami, eagle, killer whale and giant squid.

Sep 16, 2008
I think Water is pretty close to Ice, and Fire tends to have some Airborne Spells.

Feb 15, 2010
Fire has SOME air spells such as,Sunbird,Phoenix etc.So air and water would be a good idea.

Aug 05, 2009
mabye water, air, and earth (avatar the last airbender)

water spell: liquid blast, 115 water damage and below

animation: a pipe apeers attaching to two wooden walls, the pipe and wall snaps, the other end of the pipe bursts out water at the enemy.

water again: oil spill (955 water damage per pip)

animation: a broken pipe apeers in the gulf of mexico, all the sudden, oil shoots out making the ocean black, then it burns and burns the wizard.

air: gust (10 air damage per pip)

animation: a sky appears on the ground, a man falls and blows away, white wavey lines appear at the wizard, damaging him.

another air: triple tornado (782 air damage to 3 eneimies with the highest health and stun)

animation: three tornados appear in the middle of the battle circle, every five seconds one goes into the highest health wizard, then a hurricane appears, 3 wavey white lines appear and goes against the wizards stunning them and no stun block!

earth: dirtball (155-205 earth damage)

animation: a ball of dirt apperrs on the life leaf floor, a man picks it up and throws it at the wizard.

earth: earthquake

(the myth one but earth and 520 damage)

another possability: food

food spell: cake squirt (15-20 food damage)

animation: a frosting-filled chocolate cake appears, a chef opens it up then squirts it at the wizard.

food spell: call 555-1800-foodpalace (400-490 food damage)

animation: a man appears, (the same one as the dirtball one) and picks up the phone and calls: 555-1800 Food Palace and orders 5 slices of pepperoni pizza. When it comes, they turn the pepperonis and slices of pizza into ninja stars and they throw it at the wizard. :)

All just part of a 7 year old's very vivid imagination LOL