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Ideas for new schools

Jul 08, 2009
a few good schools i think would be

rock paper and scissors lol jk i meant to say was something like (ok i'm making this up outta the blue but how bout) music, art, and technology. But thats just me sice im part musician but anyone who thinks its a good idea text it

Daniel StormGlade-grandmaster ice (thaumaturge)

Jan 08, 2010
how do you know which school is your second school? i am level 23 and i still do not know! can someone help? thanks! :)

May 22, 2009
I think a good school would be War--possible opposite of Balance. The spells could range from different weapons attacks to more strategic (sp) spells. Such as seeing what your opponent will cast the next round, and defensive shields that would block Balance attacks.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

Dec 17, 2008
air awesome idea water is to much like ice and storm. Earth/rock is good. Also astral would be cool but hard to create.

Oct 24, 2009
well if to say another school type
I would think it would be 2nd class type of school
since you get to choose that

my main wizard is of the balance school
so i can see why you wanted something a bit more to the game
lets say before the world broke up into what it is now
there was other schools of magic
these have sort of been lost
or hidden due to the events of the world being broken
I think these hidden/lost schools should be a hidden quest
to find

and that there reachable at a level that your not realy into your 2nd class
of magic any more and can train to use the lost schools new spells

but the spells them selves should related to the elements
that are close to the now known schools

lets say water
in many of the games I have played water can defeat fire
and also be very destructive as well as a healing of sorts

I am sure there are more worlds not yet opened

Aug 25, 2009
I agree I want a flight school, and Night Fury from how to train your dragon or a black dragon with too mountain lion heads and a girl lion head in the middle and blood dripping wings and a fur tail and her name would be Baretooth. it would be so cool. :D

Mar 04, 2010
i think they should add on to the myth school like do a spell that takes to pips (wild bolt like) and hit 800 or have a very very power full school that owns any other

tyler titanblood
lvl 50 myth

Aug 08, 2010
Maybe Technology School-

Ex. The Dump 8) : A bunch of gears in mountains and rusty looking fog lift up from the ground and a huge metallic clockwork(not wood looking) start to rise from the dump and points at the target then its eyes start to glow and the mountains and piles of gears rise from behind and swirls at the enemy and makes a metallic square at the enemy and then the clockwork shoots a blue beam from its eyes to the block and explodes and shards fall at the enemy.

Damage:900-12500+750 over three rounds(shards falling)

Ranks: 1-10 Techie 11-19 Gear Turner 20-29 Nut & Bolt Genius
30-39 Motor Builder 40-49 Mechanical Smartypants
50-59 Master Mechanic 60 Master Engineer

Apr 18, 2010
peachtheferret wrote:
how bout the school of animals?

mouse: not telling attack- 50 damage plus 100 for 3 turns
fish: a big fish comes and blows a big bubble on the target- 200-300 damage
ferret: a ferret comes and bites the target. here's a key:
albino: ice, 250 damage
black: death, 300 damage and health sap
silver: storm, 500 damage
cinnamon: fire, 450 damage
butterscotch: myth, 400 damage
dark brown: life, 200 damage
light brown: balance, 350 damage
dog: a giant 3D photo of my family's dog comes and slobbers on the target. 500 damage
cat: a giant 3D photo of a cat comes and scratches the target. 400 damage
hamster: a hamster is on a wheel and goes so fast all of the enemies are stunned for 3 turns.

You have a pet ferret dont you......

Feb 08, 2010
Here is my idea!

The school of History and its spells:

River of Fire: A river turns on fire and hits the enemy, 85 - 125

Caveman: A caveman appears and shoots a early arrow at the enemy, 185 - 225

Crossing Delaware: George Washington and his men cross the Delaware River and comes and hits the enemy, 280 - 310

Neil Armstrong: Neil Armstrong lands on the moon and throws the US flag at the enemy, 375 - 450

That is all I have for now! See ya!

Tanner Stormsword Lvl 51

Oct 20, 2008
TheBlackNight123 wrote:
I think it would be pretty cool if there was one new school for each world. Like krokotopia=sand school. Marleybone= Engineer school. Mooshu=Samurai school. Dragonspyre= Magma school or ghost school.

Yea, that would be cool to have that many schools that EVERYONE could be in.And you wouldnt have to be a curtain level to go to that school! IT SUCKS WHEN YOU HAVE TO BE A CURTAIN LEVEL TO GO TO A SCHOOL OR PLACE!!

Aug 29, 2008
i have to say a light and dark/shadow schools, call them any thing but it would be nice like a sub sub school

May 30, 2009
NEW SHCOOL! this took a while so LIKE IT! (jk)

ever notic that balance is focused on fire ice and storm and not on myth life or death?
WELL! i think the ballance we have now sould be renamed elemental balance ane they make a new school called spirit balance. the balance spells taught be the balance tree guy will not cost training points for both types of balance. (these are copies of balance spells, feel free to name them.)

pips: 1
DAMAGE: 100 (to one)

pips: 2
DAMAGE: 210 (to one)

pips: 3
DAMAGE: 320 (to one)

pips: 4
DAMAGE: 330 (to all)

pips: 4
DAMAGE: 550 myth damage, 440 death damage, or 365 life damage.

pips: 6
DAMAGE: 190 myth death and life damage

pips: 7
DAMAGE: 250 myth death and life damage.

pips: 8
DAMAGE: 550-650 to all.

(have fun editing this.)