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Ideas for improving Polymorph spells

Jan 23, 2014
Hello all. I had a few thoughts on how to make Polymorphs stronger, without having to make new cards, or change their stats.

1. Being able to cast Polymorph spells on teammates and opponents. This would not work on boss characters.

2. Whenever a Polymorph spell ends or starts on the wizard who cast it, that wizard's health is completely refilled.

3. If the wizard who cast the Polymorph spell on his or herself loses all of their health, instead of being defeated, they are morphed back to their real form at half health, and all copies of the same Polymorph are removed from the wizard's hand and deck for the remainder of the battle.

4. Safety after morphing. What this means, is if the polymorphed wizard would take damage in the same round, that damage would be reduced to zero.

These are just my opinions. I have no real experience with Polymorphs, outside of Treant, and that is due to a card from a pet.