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Ideas for Gear Vaults & other types of vaults

Jul 09, 2010
I've seen other people asking for gear vaults too, so I thought I'd open a discussion asking for everyone's hopes and ideas on the topic.

I love the Seed Vault and am glad it was the only kind at first - working with it has made me realize a few things about applying the idea to organizing/storing other items.

I wish the Seed Vault
1. would accept housing items too - so we could hold "likes" in the same vault as the seeds that want them.

2. there were organizational pages/tabs like in our book & the Outfit View. We'd be able to group seeds by garden beds. 10 pre-set pages Garden Bed 1, Garden Bed 2, ... So one page would show 12 Couch Potato, 6 Boom Shroom, 1 Litter & 1 Sandwich Station. Next page 36 Evil Magma Pea, 1 King Parsley, 1 Boom Shroom, 2 pots and 1 Egg Basket, etc. 10 pages account for the 100 item limit and that not everyone will have multiple vaults or full garden beds. (Misc. seeds & likes could be held on any of the pages.)

3. could be re-named so when we pass or hold multiple vaults we could tell which is which. In my shared bank a pet shows only as it's name - then I hover and see more information but in my attic/house view of a pet it only shows it's species. Maybe whatever makes those views different could be applied to the vaults. I'd love to be able to name a vault Rowan's - house 1 (or Red Barn Farm) and pass it to Brittany to pick up whatever seeds she's been hoarding in her battles and shopping. Even though there are 3 empty vaults and Aaron's Grizz house vault in there too.

I hope to see vaults for:
  • mass pet/mount moves (after-all - empty energy is empty energy weather I move one pet or 90)
  • mass gear moves & storage
  • mass furniture and decor moves & storage
  • and either an updated or new improved Super Seed Vault with the above changes made
I also hope there will be a Vault Space Elixir coming so we can expand one vault by 100 rather than buying a second vault. It could cost the same crowns as a vault - but my high energy character could keep all her seeds in one and have it in her backpack or her yard that has 3 full garden beds - when her seeds aren't in the ground - they could all be together in the yard when I come back to the game.

If the other vaults come along people may want to buy expansion elixirs instead of more vaults too, for organizational logic & convenience.

I'd have:
1 regular vault per school for school specific gear
1 expanded vault per every 10 levels - as I have a LOT of all school gear and when a character is wearing or keeping 7 pieces for a suit - times - 3 or 5 variations (dungeons, quest, energy ...) it adds up even if you leave off style choices.
1 expanded vault for Holiday Decor
1 regular pet carrier vault
probably 3-5 expanded vaults for organizing the house & yard stuff

And a special Warehouse Building ("house/castle")- that could hold any number of vaults & have inventory and access special features. (Like the Spring Cleaning Bundle I asked for in Test Realm :D )

More ideas anyone?

Jul 23, 2010
I've been away from the game a long time - so in a way I'm a new player. I don't have a lot of stuff to organize yet, but I hope that if these new vaults are added to the game there are different looks to choose from and I also liked the idea of being able to create sub-groups of items.

I hope gear will automatically sort itself into levels. In my backpack it's all mixed up and kind of a pain.

Feb 23, 2010
I, too, was very excited by the seed vault and hope others are on the way. I like second the idea of the gear in a vault automatically sorting itself by levels. And I'd buy that warehouse card. I am wondering, though, what the "special features" were.

Jul 09, 2010
ohFiddleSticks on Sep 18, 2015 wrote:
I, too, was very excited by the seed vault and hope others are on the way. I like second the idea of the gear in a vault automatically sorting itself by levels. And I'd buy that warehouse card. I am wondering, though, what the "special features" were.
Back in Test Realm, I asked for a Spring Cleaning Bundle. I wish I'd made a copy so I could give you all the details, but off the top of my head I recall:

The idea came from the ability to pass the houses and multi-keeper fish aquariums through the shared bank while they were fully loaded.

1 character would do the sorting for a whole account, so they'd have a Master Sorting Bin.
There were sorting boxes (like a bank or backpack) that each character would throw everything they weren't using into and then put the loaded box in the shared bank.

The sorting character would get the boxes out of the shared and dump them all into the Master Bin. The characters individual boxes would be empty and she could put things from the master sorting bin into the right boxes. Afterwards she'd put the boxes back in the shared and the right character would pull their box out - now loaded with stuff from all over the account.

  • The interface would be like the Seed Vault, with those additions I mentioned in the opening.
  • There'd be some boxes meant for long term storage - for Holiday Decorations, gear of various schools or levels, housing & yard stuff for redecorating. (These may or may not be coded differently - long term storage vs. short term sorting)
  • There might be a Master Inventory Book that is the interface for the Master Sorting Bin - or maybe it would be just like our backpacks. Pages of presorted items.
  • I just thought of the Warehouse the other day - but it could be able to hold all the sorting stuff and storage bins. (unlike now with the seed vaults only being one to a zone.)
  • The boxes & bins would all be nameable and re-nameable so I could have multiple boxes moving through the shared and she could sort from the Master Bin into all the character boxes at one time. We'd need the naming flexable - character, character & house, schools, level numbers so: Rowan, Red Barn Farm - or - Death - or - Christmas - or Lvl 11-30 universal - or - Snapdragon & Likes, Couch Potato & Booms.