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Ideas for Game Play

Jan 11, 2015
Hello There,
I have a few suggestions that I think will make a lot of people VERY HAPPY and make it so we (the players) don't feel like were getting ripped off all the time.

1. Say once a month you pick a pack, any pack and offer the gear, mounts and pets from that pack to the players. Gear can be based on level like it is in packs and bundles only difference is you see what level it is and what stats it has as well. it can be a reasonable amount of crowns like other gear but only available for that month then it goes away. I would love this as there are mounts and specific gear for role play I have wanted for awhile.
2. Could we please get furniture you can sit on? It would be awesome if say we have a bunch of friends over and we sit around eating lunch or dinner and talking.
3. All the 1 to 7 day mounts are a pain could there be an exchange program where say you need 15 7 day mounts to get a permanent mount or 25 1 day mount for a permanent one? This would be awesome and free up space in my bank and shared bank with mounts that just sit there.
4. Besides the gold dinnerware set from Grizzle could we get some better looking tableware? And some realistic looking foods to go with it?
5. Can we have something like for tc where we can give gear and mounts to friends? I have so much gear none of my players use or can use that I would be willing to donate to my friends who can really use it.
6. Last can we please please trade omen gear etc to our other players? I can get some of it other places and a lot easier that is tradeable. I ask this because I have already used 4 gold keys with my ice and every single time whoever teams up waits until were in game play and either quits or flees and quits and there is no way an ice with only 1-2 other players is gonna kill Omen and his minions. I can with my Storm and my Fire but not Ice or Death.
7. We had teachings on how to use traps etc when back in school, Please! Teach us how to use protection for feints I have tried to use it but it wont work on my tc. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or what?

Anyway a few of my ideas Thank You!