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Ideas for anything

Jan 13, 2010
Hey wizards out there. I am a lvl 75 sorcerer and i would LOVE to hear all your ideas, wizards. I hope the professors post a comment on this, lol. So, since you are giving me all the ideas, i decided why not i tell you some of my comments to. So, remmeber to give me your ideas!!!
Here are my ideas:
New Worlds: A sky world (not empyrea) called: Stormtrap (change the name if you like)
Merle Ambrose calls you once you are lvl 80. He says that there is weird lightning and rain. Of course, this is not the everyday rain and lightning. It is very powerful. Merle Ambrose says he thinks he knows who it is. He says ' Oh no. I had to defeat him when i was about your age. His name is King Scarce. Oh please, help us. Can you go and defeat him. He gives you the key and you head of. Once you get there you notice that there are hypnotised villiagers all working for the evil king. The villiagers are thunderbirds which fly up. There are some villiagers willing to protect themselves and their families. You talk to them and there are 8 of them. One by one, as you go they dissapear. You do not realise this until you talk to the last villiager. He says talk back to the first villiager. You realise the villiagers are missing and head back to the last villiager. There is another villiager approaching him. You have to defeat him. he is a rank 13 boss. He is in the school of ice and has 30000 health. After you defeat him one by one 6 more villiagers approach. They are in different schools.

Fire:18000 Health
Myth:20000 Health
Death:25000 Health
Then after lots more quests. You finally have to defeat King Scarce in a dungeon. But, since all the villiagers are hypnotised you have to defeat them. Then you have to defeat King Scarce, Queen Scarce and Prince and Princess Scarce all in one.
King Scarce= School Balance 28000 Health
Queen Scarce= School Life 32000 Health
Prince Scarce= School Storm 22000 Health
Princess Scarce= School Fire= 2400
After you defeat them, Morganthe is there. You dont know how but then you realise there is a magic healing potion for the dead. You have to defeat Morganthe but in a better and different way. She is in school of death and has 30000 Health. After you defeat her the world is finished.

Next world. Merle Ambrose gives you a letter to give to headmistress crisp. You go there but she is not there. Just when you are about to go a human looking lady appears. She does not see you and she says ' Ah, my fellow students think i am really headmistress crisp. What fools.' then the lady turns into Headmistress Crisp. You report back and Merle tells you to defeat her. You go into a dungeon. You have to defeat lots of bad monsters and then you finally get up to her.
She is in all the schools but has ice's universal resistance. She has: 5950 health. You defeat her and the world (not exactly world lol) is finished.

Now for my spells:

Balance: Sorcerer's Hands
There is a sorcerer in the middle. (It is a male but if you are female it will be a female, if KI can do that)
On the left side of him are: one giant boulder, bones of a dead dragon (like the skeletal dragon but these bones do not move) and 3 trees. On the right side of him are: a big square if ice (like the colossus but no colossus inisde the ice), some fire and a whirlpool. The sorcerer put out his hands and he absorbs all the energy from the things on his left and right side. He shoots all the energy from his hands. He then turns aroung, levitates in the air giving each of you a balanceblade.
Damage:995 - 1100 to all enemies

Storm: A big storm turns up and a big tornado comes. iT looks all grey but the rains starts to get heavier and the tornado starts to look like water spinning around. It spins closer to the enemy (like the sandstorm) and deals damage. It then lets out a big splash of water from the top which stuns it.
Damage:1685 - 1985 to all enemies
Stuns to all enemies

Myth: Roc
The big mythical creature Roc comes out in a landscape full of rocks. It flies up and it points its wing to the enemy. The rocks slowly go up and hit the enemy. It goes to all enemies. It then squawks really loud which stuns the enemy for 2 rounds
Damage: 995 - 1225 to all enemies
Stuns to all enemies

Life: Prickly Trees

Trees that are covered in spikes appear and shhot out at the enemy. It goes to all enemies. Then it grows smaller and smaller until there is nothing left.

Give some ideas and post PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 09, 2009
If you want to see other people's ideas, then look at all of the other posts in this section of the forums! The Dorms is meant for everybody's ideas, so just look all around. And also: Stormtrap? really? and what race are the villagers?